Happy Holidays from the Krannert School! (extended version)

It’s time to look back on
the year that has passed, and the people that made
all the memories last. The BOP program turned 50,
we partied in style. Memories of Doc Bell made everyone smile. Two undergrad students
received Fulbright grants. As they taught in new countries,
their skills were enhanced. Ellen Kossek was honored for
research that excels so, she’s now an Academy of Management Fellow. Michael Lewis brought insights
on government changes, the topic drew hundreds
to hear the exchanges. We traveled out west to alums in the bay
to speak about startups done Purdue’s way. We biked around tracks with some
minimal skids to help support CASA and a cadre of kids. [MUSIC] John McConnell has classes
that students find troubling, he was given an honorary
doctorate in Dublin. [MUSIC] High schoolers hit campus
in the mid-summer heat. They came to Purdue for a leaders retreat. [MUSIC] Nora Kiesler made comments for
summer commencement, her time on the classroom and
court were well spent. Alumni were honored at a dinner in Indy,
Matt Light was so funny we busted a kidney. Donors made history with 20 mil raised, we shower them all with our thanks and
our praise. Giant Leaps will help
honor our campus 150, and the sign on our building
is really quite nifty. Now we leave you with thoughts
of a bright campus scene, it’s time to prepare for year 2019. Happy Holidays from the Krannert School. [MUSIC] [SOUND] What am I doing? [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>High schoolers. [LAUGH]
>>High schoolers.>>High schoolers!>>High schoolers, high schoolers.>>[LAUGH] [SOUND] Newton, everything
is a freaking travesty with you, man.

Stephen Childs

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