Happy Holidays from The International Space Station

Welcome aboard the International Space Station.
I’m Scott Kelly along with Expedition 46 crew members Tim Kopra and Tim Peake and we have
a message for all of you for the holidays. First I would like to say what a privilege
it is to serve on the International Space Station and how grateful we are to the teams
on the ground that support our flying here as well as all the sciences on board this
laboratory. Christmas is traditionally a time for friends and family to get together and
although we can’t be with our friends and families this year, we’ll be orbiting the
earth 16 times on Christmas day and sending our good wishes to everybody back down on
our beautiful planet Earth. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years from the
International Space Station.

Stephen Childs


  1. i didnt know scott was part of the expedition 46!! the reason is because he will come back home with them right?

  2. Oh, its really cool, man congratulation!!! 😀
    Wishing all the best be with you guys, everything alright and Merry Christmas!!! 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas ISS! Did they include your Christmas presents in the supply spacecraft? I hope, so. Thanx!

  4. Em Marte precisa se de pessoas q suportem radiação essas pessoas são os Brasileiros eu sinceramente iria para Marte se precisa

  5. Nice to see that the conspiracy nuts have tired of disliking and commenting on every NASA video 🙂

  6. if nations can unite in such endeavours, why is it we cannot unite on our world … stay safe all members of the ISS

  7. A British Astronaut and chopper pilot knocking his head on a bit of kit. Magic Time Proud of you

  8. Man would I love to do that. It must be sooo cool just floating around with no gravity.

  9. I hope you will enjoy wine, champagne or sake this happy season in the ISS, do you?

  10. wouldnt it be cool to get a iss cam to steam inside? That would totally put all those skeptical conspirators to rest! or just like a 10 minute video of them in zero g without any edits or cuts to different footage. I still think a inside iss stream would be awesome!

  11. oh goodie…i thought all the conspiracy theorist morons had added more foil to their hats and hunkered down in their armageddon bunkers, but nope! here they are! phew…i was worried!

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