Happy Holidays from the Firebase YouTube Channel!

That is good and we are rolling! Whoo! Loosen it up, yeah! We should get one of these for the office! My mission here today is to find the Googlers that make Firebase happen. Well, have I got a video for you! to be first
welcome to the very first video in the silver side rendering with JavaScript
framework video series dang it and this moves me I read the function
and tell me what language it’s written in Java that is definitely Java yes yeah
I feel like I have this I just need to bring it together I how do you ever see
you anymore Frank how can I see more of you I think I already answered this one
let’s take a look yeah you’ll be up and running with this feature in just a few
minutes wait you see five a synth is cloud functions gives you an easy way to
deploy javascript code into the cloud we are really excited about this what if
you could go further hey YouTube welcome to ask firebase the
weekly show we’ll Rianne sir all of your firebase questions so there are a few
rules around the use of these things firebase toilet paper over the roll or
under the roll over the roll choose their developer questions next
question what’s that next quick you’re supposed to be a camera there that’s
right I think might actually make might be a little bit better than the very
first question who has it oh no it does exist don’t film it your users are on a
wide variety prices on a wide variety of networks and a wide variety of locations
all over the world last March I hit my seventh continent penguins treat you and
interpret you to be a giant penguin see more of me on the firebase developers
channel on YouTube thank you very much thanks for joining
thank you thank you

Stephen Childs


  1. Thank u for making a channel of Firebase so we got to know those technology which our education systems doesn't include we love to learn those technology
    And merry Christmas to all Firebase team.

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