Happy Holidays from The College at Brockport

my favorite brockport memory of 2013 was to be part of first class to graduate at the serc.
getting into the nursing program last spring when the author of post secret. When I was voted onto the homecoming court. watching the Liberal Arts Building take shape. The success of the service learning project in my object-oriented software
development class coming back to Brockport was the best
part of 2013 I miss the campus I missed everything about it, so
coming back really felt like I was finally home commencement in the Serc, it was the
first year there and it was such a success winning the brockport’s women’s rugby game against St. Bonaventure the first Saturday Night Football game
underneath the new lights hosting the 2013 regional ACY
here in November well I gotta say it’s the same things
every year the freshman convocation to see all those new students who are gathered together with all the adventures and opportunities and growth
and learning before them is its it’s thrilling. Breaking
the school record in the distance medley relay at the ECAC Championships in New
York City When I found out I could go to New Zealand through a study abroad program Saturday of service over a thousand
incoming students volunteering all together in one day. Mentoring students through the leadership development program. my favorite memory from 2013 was the
homecoming see the classic 1963 comeback and share all those memories celebrating the first annual student
organization appreciation day A gift I’d like to give this holiday is to my mentees, I’d like to give them scarves For my sister to study abroad in Italy. To continue to give to my alma modern Brockport go Golden Eagles. a whale
watching tour for my mother. a Disney vacation for my
family. I am so bad at gift-giving. Cupcakes! an inclusive friendly environment. I
like to give the gift of love this holiday season to all my family back home in Australia and
here in Brockport and i hope everyone gets some chocolate
because everyone loves chocolate. Good health for my family and friends hi I’m John Halstead president of the
College at Brockport and i’m kathy halstead and would like to take a moment to bring
you holiday greetings as we reflect upon those great memories
you shared with us we also look forward to 2014 in the gift joy in peace happy holiday

Stephen Childs

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