Happy Holidays from the A. James Clark School of Engineering

(playful music) – [Narrator] Throughout the past year, our engineers at University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of
Engineering used perseverance to tackle today’s most pressing issues, one challenge at a time. We recognized opportunity, and we acted. We turned ideas into assets. We did things differently. We challenged the status
quo and pushed boundaries to achieve something new. We did not back down from a challenge. We were passionate about our
work and making a difference. We transcended barriers
to develop technologies that have the potential to
improve the lives of millions. We pushed the envelope to build our way toward a better world, and in 2019, we will continue our legacy of daring vision and lasting impact, because as engineers at
Maryland, we are fearless. So here’s to 2019. – [Crowd] Happy holidays! (upbeat music) – [Man] Got it!

Stephen Childs

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