Happy Holidays from the 2018 and 2019 OSA presidents!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, I’m Ian Walmsley,
the 2018 president of The Optical Society. Hi. I’m Ursula Gibson. I’m the 2019 OSA president. Optics and photonics is
a critically important enabling technology
for the 21st century. It provides the basis for
fundamental discoveries in science, as well as
enabling technologies that have a big impact on the world. The 2018 Nobel Prize for physics
went to three OSA Fellows– Donna Strickland, Gerard
Mourou, and Art Ashkin. That this prize has
been awarded recognizes the continuing importance
of optics and photonics in science. OSA’s mission is
to spread the word about optics and photonics. It’s also important to reach
out to the general public. Optics and photonics
are incredibly important in our everyday lives. If you think about
the quantum mechanics revolution of the
1920s, it’s really changed the way that we live. And I see changes of
that magnitude coming through the optics community. For example, it will be possible
to produce more precise images and sensors, to
transmit information with utter security, and
to perform calculations on a quantum computer that you
can’t perform in any other way. This is recognized not
only by professionals, but by governments. And OSA has had a
role in supporting this field going forward. The distance between discovery
in optics and application in photonics is
actually really short. I think we’ll see a lot
more exciting translations of that kind in the coming year. Thanks for advancing
optics and photonics, the enabling technology
of our future. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Stephen Childs

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