Happy Holidays from Texas A&M University-Commerce

In the new year uh um ah I don’t know, I’m not ready So I say it now? alright In the new year, I hope to make a 4.0 I plan to get accepted to A&M-Commerce I’m hoping for good grades in the new year In the new year, I hope to graduate I’m hoping to get into grad school Good job and be successful at it I’m hoping to travel to somewhere new I hope for a new kitten I hope I get a new car I hope that we can get a national championship I’m hoping we make it to nationals In the new year, I hope to become a better person for everybody to visit my grandma who is in the hopsital I hope the country ends up in good hands In the new year, I hope that people can come together just as humans and not to be separated by their differences equality among races world peace Happy Holidays from A&M-Commerce May you ROAR into the new year with health, happiness, and lion pride.

Stephen Childs

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