Happy Holidays from Techstars

It’s an international family on a collective
mission to make this Earth a better place to live work and play. As the year comes to a close, we wanted to
take a look back and celebrate with everyone who made it possible – the founders, mentors,
community leaders, investors, and partners around the world at Techstars. Techstars to me goes beyond its distinctive
logo, it represents family and community. For me, the fact that wherever I can go I
can meet people from Techstars. Techstars to me is a lot of friends My favorite give first moment of 2016 was at my own local community from Bohol, Philippines
started to do their own events and are empowering each other to just continue the fire. For me the thing I’m proud of the most this
year, I took my first step become independent by joining the Womanity Foundation team as
a remote intern, I organized my first event for them in Damascus which was about economic
development. And for me I worked on startup projects for
youth and children development. My last project was Shift, which aims to help
Syrian freelancers to develop their skills. When even you don’t believe in yourself and
in your project anymore there are people who care about you and they still believe in you
so you keep moving forward The community is very involved individuals
who want to reignite the startup scene in their community and the entrepreneurial vibe. My favorite thing about being a mentor is
to be able to foster our community It means family to me and I really, really
like to visit other cities in order for me to learn to from each and every one of you For me being an entrepreneur is believing that tomorrow can somehow be better than today It means that I can solve and I can bring value to society and not sit on the side and just watch people doing or complaining but getting out in the field and doing stuff. Getting dirty Being an entrepreneur is being able to embrace change build something wicked awesome, and
hustle beyond belief. Being an entrepreneur is hard and you learn
that on a daily basis from everyone out there that is trying to launch a product. You have close to zero free time and you have
to be committed, you have to use every moment of your life and you have to constantly hustle. But if you love doing this there is a lot of joy
to it as well, especially when you launch your product and people start using it. Contribute to making your community better
and you’ll naturally just meet people that are going to help you in business as well,
so in other words that’s the Techstars motto of give first Learn fast, fail fast. And reinvent themselves sometimes. Successful is not an end game, it’s a process. Just keep on hustling, there is no such thing
as small or big act if you are doing this for the community. Thank you and Happy Holidays from all of us
at Techstars

Stephen Childs

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