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What’s up guys? I’m DaSamNudge and I’m actually not going to be hosting this video. You guys might know the host, so here he is. What’s going on guys? I’m Caleb, host of Smoke’s Here this season. So… a lot of you might be wondering why Smoke’s Here is ending. Mainly becau- well it’s not ending forever, but mainly because I enlisted in the Marine Corps, so I’ll be gone for a long period…of time. Eh! But yeah, so it’s not permanently, it’s not done forever, but for, starting probably around June 2016 there won’t be episodes for probably like… (Sam offscreen) Until December probably. Yeah, probably like December. Or, yeah, probably around December, Or anyti- anytime I have a break or anything I’ll probably wanna blow stuff up but, you know. Other than that it’s… there’s not gonna be as many episodes left anymore But it’ll still be around, don’t worry, don’t fret. And now, here’s the actual video. Alright guys, before we get the video started,

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