Happy Holidays From President Hamdullahpur

As you and your families prepare to spend
the holiday season together, I want to thank you for everything our University family has
achieved over the past year. Thanks to you, we helped lead Canadian universities:
in research; government and industry partnership; and as an employer of choice. We also helped set the global pace for innovation,
showing that an engaged, connected university can play a more powerful and positive role in society than even our founders could have imagined. And here at home, we took some exciting steps
to enhance the campus experience: with new student spaces, and by expanding entrepreneurial
opportunities for students, to make this community more successful and vibrant than ever before. We can only do all these things because we’re
a great team — from the lab, to the classroom, to our team members who keep our campus running
day after day. I want to thank you again for a great 2016.
I’ll see you in the New Year, when we’ll begin celebrating Waterloo’s 60 years of
innovation. And until then, have a healthy, happy holiday
season. University of Waterloo

Stephen Childs


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