Happy Holidays from Pitt Community College

[MUSIC] Well it’s my pleasure to greet you,
our holiday season and wish you and your family and
friends the best of Christmas and other holidays going on
this time of the year. We at Pitt Community College are pleased
that you’ve been part of our family and we look forward to your
continuing in that regard. We are going through some transitions,
in terms of facilities. We just opened our Law Enforcement
Training Facility last few weeks ago. And we’re looking forward to the opening
of the largest building on campus, our Science Building. That’ll open later in the spring term. That will be a great
addition to our campus, and we know it will be a kind of space
that will serve many, many students. It will be a great work force development
and asset for our academic program. This is also the time of
the year when we are trying to register as many students for
spring term. And if you haven’t done that already,
please take advantage of our extended services that our success navigators
are providing here at the end of the year. It makes a lot of sense to go in right
now and get your schedule set so that when after the New Year’s is over,
you’ll be ready to roll. We also have a new feature, a student
payment plan that you can participate in. This has been done at several other
community colleges quite successfully, and we think it’s a great added benefit for
our own students. And we talk with business employers, and how much they value the students
who complete their certificates and degrees here at Pitt Community College and
we want you to be among that group. I hope you had a relaxing
cheerful time over the holidays. Seeing friends and just getting your
batteries recharged for the New Year, we’re looking forward for
greeting you back here in January. Again, happy holidays to you and
your family. [MUSIC]

Stephen Childs

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