Happy Holidays from Pasco County Schools

My favorite holiday tradition is I like to
decorate the Christmas tree. On Christmas we go to the beach because there’s
nobody there. Everyone’s at home. It’s nice to go to the beach and enjoy the
day at the beach for Christmas. We build puzzles and like solve them. And I like, we do it like the night before
Christmas and then that’s how we normally go to bed. We don’t watch TV. We don’t watch YouTube. We just sit down as a family and we do all
that. My favorite holiday tradition is lighting
the Menorah on Hanukkah and playing dreidel with my family. We celebrate and we go to everybody’s house,
we eat. We share family time, share stories. It’s really fun. Special things we do is really family time,
we have a lot of our family come out of town. We have lots of parties. lots of get togethers. The most important thing to us is spending
time together as a family. I like opening presents and eating all food together
and spending time. Well I love going to see Santa with my whole
family, even my 17 year old and my 15 year old. We all sit with Santa and get our picture
taken every year and I have a big wall full of all of our Santa pictures from when my
oldest was little all the way to this year. I love that. I love looking back at all years
and how they all have changed and grown. Me and my Coach Mathis, we go to Atlanta with
my brother and we play card games and then we have Christmas. And why is that special? Because, they love us. They love all of us.
We love each other. I thought about that and of course we have
one where we gather as a big family and we kind of tell the Christmas story and they
have the. You sorry dog. There it is. Hey, this is Kristopher Browning and my favorite
Christmas traditions are my dad reading the Christmas story with the whole family on Christmas
night. And watching Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch
Stole Christmas. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year. I’m Keith Browning and my favorite Christmas
memory about my dad is when he would read the Christmas story to our family as we gathered
together on Christmas eve every year. Hi I’m Ansley Browning and at Christmas
time I like to make gingerbread houses with my Grumpy but every year my Grumpy gets mad because
um because his gingerbread houses keep falling down. Those were my two sons and my granddaughter
Ansley. And it is a tradition in our family, every
year we gather around, and this is all of the nephews and nieces, the grandchildren
and children and we tell the Christmas story. And as I read the Christmas story, and I have
read the Christmas story in our family now for probably 35 or more years. And the grandchildren, the nieces, the nephews
as we read the different parts of the Christmas story will place the characters in the manger. It’s just a special time. We eat, we sing, and we have a great great
time. As Superintendent of this district I just
want you to know that you have traditions in your family as well and they mean a lot
to you. You need to cherish those. I really hope you and your families have a
terrific season of rest and celebration and look forward to getting you back here in January
for another great semester. Merry Christmas.

Stephen Childs

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