Happy Holidays from Nova Southeastern University (NSU)

Hi NSU Sharks. My name’s Lori and Happy Holidays. I’ll be resting this winter break because I just got into dental school. This winter break I plan to go watch
the ball drop in New York City. I’m taking a break off of the long semester. Hopefully getting some relaxing time. We are so excited because over winter break We’re going to Disney! Wow. This holiday season I’ll be visiting Chicago, the
Windy City, to audition for Grad School. Happy Holidays from NSU to you and your family. Happy Holidays Happy Holidays Happy Holidays from NSU Happy Holidays Happy Holidays from Student Leadership and Civic Engagement Happy Holidays from Radio X at Nova Southeastern University Happy Holidays from all of us at NSU

Stephen Childs


  1. Next year I will apply and hopefully be accepted ♥
    Either NSU or UCSantaCruz 😀

  2. The more i get emails and letters from the school, the more i want to go. i have a cutout of the Nova Sharks in my Algebra 2 binder that always keeps them in mind. Looks like a great school. Most likely will apply!

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