Happy Holidays from NOD Chairman Governor Tom Ridge

I’m Tom Ridge … and on behalf of everyone
at NOD… we want to wish all of our partners, colleagues and friends a wonderful holiday
season. You know, 2014 has been a remarkable year
for the disability community. Together we have helped put thousands of people with disabilities
to work and are helping employers learn that’s it’s not that hard to do. 2015 holds even greater promise for all of
us. In the year that we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ADA, together we will
reach new heights in closing the employment gap in historic numbers. We can’t wait to
get started. Off Camera Voice: Hey, Gov, you forgot your
hat!! Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. That’s better! Wishing all of you a Happy & Healthy New Year
… from all of us at NOD.

Stephen Childs

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