Happy Holidays from NGP VAN!

‘Twas the holiday season, through NGP VAN, All our brains were spinning, every woman and man. Had it really all happened? So much to review. A ridiculous year, and we shared it with you. The war on women — holy crap, that was shady! It was not a fun year for being a lady. For access to birth control, Rush called Sandra a whore. He laughed, but he lost himself forty sponsors or more. Planned Parenthood funding they said wasn’t okay. But probing for freedom is the American way… This all actually happened, no, we’re not fakin’. We legtimately shut them down — just ask Todd Akin. And while all the ladies were breaking free of their binders, Trump deployed his band of silly fact-finders. Despite all the digging, the facts are the facts: Our president is American, but what of Romney’s records of tax? How much did he pay? Who knows his scheme? He retired from Bain Capital using a time machine. Retroactive retirement, that’s really quite something. Even better than Paul Ryan’s beefy iron pumping. For all the working out, and sticking to his P90, He got whooped by Joe and he looked super whiney. The Romney-Ryan plan was just another mirage, And they danced through debates with some fancy dressage. They really had nothing, their plans were absurd. “The rich should pay less, and we’ll fire Big Bird!” A world without Sesame Street, and no marriage equality? Time to teach them a lesson brought to you by the letters LGBT. Four states for marriage, and presidential support. A hard-fought year for progress, but we’re happy to report That despite all attempts and Fox pundit fact-lacking, The donkeys gave the elephants quite the shellacking. Yes, even though the right gave us much to resent, We won by much more than forty-seven percent. Now it’s all over, and it’s time for a cheers, And we can look forward to another four beers. Years…years. We’re glad we shared it with you, every advance and attack. So thanks for a great year, and remember…we’ve got your back.

Stephen Childs


  1. Thank you, NGP VAN! I'd never heard of you before so I googled you – a very worthy organization, and a super-awesome video. I'll be keepng my eyes on you…but so will FauxSnooze & El Lushbo & company, I'm sure you're aware…but be careful all the same!

    I know you know that the more visible and adored by the left, the more endangered by the repuglicans and their propaganda arm, Faux.

  2. Big thumbs up on this video! I find it so entertaining and engaging. NGP VAN you're awesome!

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