Stephen Childs


  1. Gives us a refund so we can buy live 18 i spent over $150 on 2k shitteen so ill have more than enough for it.

  2. Happy holidays from 2k where we sell you a game that’s broken and we just patch it when we can. And we don’t like to listen to y’all voices if we did we can’t make money so some things gotta be broken so we fix on the next game and make something new to break the game. That’s how our business stay in place. And oh yea don’t forget to buy your VC.

  3. Yo we know the game is laggy as hell, sometimes it takes a while to make VC, but

    You know what we'll work on it next year

  4. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to say “Merry Christmas” 🇺🇸❄️

  5. First of all It’s MERRY CHRISTMAS not HAPPY HOLIDAYS. And 2K have ruined their games with micro transactions and all who buy anything from 2K are asking to get fleeced of their money…

  6. This was utterly pointless. I thought they were going to show snow or something on the the social areas.

  7. I got this as a gift from some one I logged on its Christmas i see 15000 vCard as a Christmas log in but guess what it then said that what I could get for 10 bucks because it was 80 percent off for 1 fucken minute even during the holidays y'all greedy bastareds ea

  8. You know you dont have to buy the microtransactions. My guy is like below 80 PG and I do just fine.

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