Happy Holidays from Mercy College!

[MUSIC]>>I’m super, super, super grateful for
the connections that I’ve made here. I think it was hard as
a first-generation student, but I think that without these people,
I wouldn’t be here.>>Being able to speak with other
students coming from different cultures, coming from different backgrounds,
and being able to immerse myself in those cultures has made me think
of the world in a bigger place. And has made me build connections
that will last a lifetime.>>Mercy, you get a better experience than you would if you went to a bigger
school cuz I get to know everybody, get to interact with professors
one-on-one instead of a big classroom.>>The things that make me very grateful
about Mercy is the people that I’ve met. They make me feel like I could be myself. They make me feel like I could
speak any kind of language I want, any kind of religion
that I want to pursue. Coming to Mercy really
did open up my world. You learn that all these people learned
to be diverse outside of their house. They learned to grow at Mercy, and they
learned to find their own voice at Mercy. And it made me think that, wow.>>I call Manhattan campus my home.>>My original home campus
is the Bronx campus.>>I actually call
the Dobbs Ferry campus my home. I’ve been here for about three years,
and I love it here.>>My goal in life is
to be a pediatrician.>>Now, I’m a sports management
with a minor in marketing.>>I actually plan on getting a job
in the social services field. I really love helping people.>>I’m studying behavioral science. I wanted to help those people who don’t
have a voice, I want to be that guy. [MUSIC]>>For the holidays, we do pork shoulder. I usually have become the person to
kind of shred the pork off the bone. It’s a special bond for me and
my mom because I’m in the kitchen. She’s in the kitchen, it’s fun. [MUSIC]>>The pierogies are really good. We immerse ourselves
in the Polish culture. [MUSIC]>>My dad’s side of the family will make
the couscous and my mom’s family is from West Africa, so they always have the music
blasting, they have the African clothing.>>We also eat something called fufu,
which is basically like yam, smashed yam. [MUSIC]>>[FOREIGN] Mercy College.>>[FOREIGN] Mercy College.>>[FOREIGN], may peace be upon you. Have a Happy Holiday. May God keep blessing you. Every year is a new year. Every day is a new day.>>Merry Christmas from our favorite
Polish family, the Paluchowskis. Hope you all have a great holiday. Go Mavericks. [MUSIC]>>Wishing you Happy Holidays
from our family to yours. [MUSIC]

Stephen Childs


  1. I loved the message from Mercy. You should of also featured the more mature students. I attended Mercy while I was working as a special education teacher. I really enjoyed my time at Mercy.

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