Happy Holidays from LA County Public Health

LA County, we’ve made a list of things
we’re asking you to do. A little list of healthy steps for me and you. We’ll start a healthy New Year tonight LA County, we’d really hate it if you got
the flu. Boo hoo! A teeny shot is all it takes, and then you’re through. So scurry to your doctor tonight. We work hard to educate, putting in those evenings when our staff work late. Next year, they’ll be just as good if you will just collaborate. LA drivers, we’d love to see you take the train or walk or bike. but if you’re driving there’s one little thing we’d like, please buckle up your seat belt tonight LA County, when you glam up for New
Year’s and you grab the gloss remember no more kisses unless you
floss. so keep your pearlies pearly tonight. LA County, while New Year’s has you
thinking moonlight and romance, the lights are low, the music’s playing, it’s
your dance, but let’s be safe not sorry tonight. One more thing we can’t neglect, healthy means we tear down walls and we connect. Black, white, brown, LGBTQ, and let’s care for the planet too. LA County, let’s make a deal for New
Year’s and let’s see it through. A deal for LA County and for me and you . Let’s start the best year ever tonight. Let’s start the best year ever tonight. Hurry tonight. Happy Holidays to you and your family
from all of us at Public Health.

Stephen Childs

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