Happy Holidays from FGCU

[Jazz music] DR. MARTIN: Coffee’s on me today.
STUDENT: Thank you so much. DR. MARTIN: Happy holidays.
STUDENT: Yeah, you too. DR. MARTIN: Enjoy the sandwich, enjoy the chips.
STUDENT: Thanks, I will. DR. MARTIN: Enjoy the rest of the long semester.
STUDENT: Sounds good. I will try. DR. MARTIN: Come on up here
and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee. STUDENT: Thank you. I appreciate it.
DR. MARTIN: Gotta have some coffee. THOR: How’s it going, everyone? We are part of
FGCU’s initiative to spread holiday cheer. [Laughter]
And so we baked cookies for everyone. And if you would like one, we’re gonna
come table to table and pass them out. [Applause and cheers] STUDENT: Thank you.
These are beautiful. STUDENT: Would you guys like a holiday cookie?
STUDENT: Oh, yes please. Thank you very much. MADELINE: Oh, they’re so cute. I’m gonna do the garden fresh
salad bar, please. Yeah. And then, y’all behind me, I’d love to buy your lunch
today. So please come and order. It’s on me. Yeah, for real. Come over.
Yes, you guys order. It’s on me. Yes, it’s on me. STUDENT: Are you sure?
MADELINE: Is this your whole group? STUDENTS: Yeah.
MADELINE: Y’all get to order. It’s on me. STUDENT: That’s so sweet.
MADELINE: Yeah, for real. Please, go ahead. STUDENTS: Thank you so much.
MADELINE: Yeah, of course. STUDENT: Are you gonna eat?
STUDENT: Are you gonna hang out with us? MADELINE: Yeah.
STUDENT: Would you like to eat with us? MADELINE: Let’s eat.
[Laughter] STUDENT: You see him walking? You see the tracks?
Put the snowball and his pocket for tomorrow. Then he went into his warm house. [Applause]
CHILD: Happy holidays! [Laughter] STUDENT: You want a teddy bear? [Applause]

Stephen Childs

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  1. Did they even stop to think that a lot of people attending FGCU are members of religions that don't celebrate holidays that fall in December? Holiday cheer? More like holiday exclusion.

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