Happy Holidays from FCT

With Christmas, Hannukah, Diwali and other holidays around this season, for many of us, this a time for celebration. However, unfortunately, for some this can also be a challenging time of year for many different reasons. That’s why here at FCT our favourite holiday tradition is supporting
charitable organizations that help the community. Given the season, and with our corporate focus
supporting homeless youth and those at risk we’re making an additional donation to charities across Canada, dedicated to finding solutions for youth homelessness. We’ve also asked a few of our employees
about their favourite holiday traditions and here’s what they had to say: My favourite holiday tradition is eating chocolate
from the Advent Calendar each day with the family. Each year my family and I celebrate Diwali, also know as the festival of lights,
which marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. We decorate our homes with colourful lights and diyas,
also known as clay lamps, and dress up in vibrant traditional clothing. Bringing my family together to help out a local charity
to wrap, assemble and drop gifts off to those less fortunate While we still say that a few gifts are from “Santa” to make sure that kids know that the real Santa made his visit we now write tags that say the gift is from “the super tired Santa, sitting across from you with massive bedhead” which is basically me. We always leave the tree lights on at night so Santa can see where he’s going and doesn’t step on the dog. We start Christmas morning in our family by
having our famous monkey bread. If you don’t know what monkey bread is,
it’s a deconstructed cinnamon bun! It’s not Christmas morning without it. We always got together with the grandparents
and the whole family to open gifts I have a big family, and I remember one year there were 31 of us. Now that my kids live in New Brunswick, our new tradition is Skyping on Christmas morning.

Stephen Childs

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