Happy Holidays and Happy Memories

[MUSIC] Snow comes early to Middlebury and
it really stays around a while.>>I remember carnival, parking with Bow in his convertible up above the ski
area and watching the ski jumping. And then going to the DKE house for
dinner, and Flugel Flemming always came
up with the greatest food. [MUSIC] I remember learning how to ski at the
Middlebury Snow Bowl in 1965 on sheer ice. [MUSIC] I went on to become a ski
instructor at Smuggler’s Notch in Madd River Glenn.
>>Saturday nights in the winter were great. Hockey games, leave the game,
walk through the cold and find the first spink rink we could find. Broom ball hockey outside in the winter. All night, as long as you could play it,
there was always someone out there.>>What I remember most about the winter is that long walk over Batell especially
after the snow had fallen and how beautiful it looked when the sun
glistened on the top of the snow as I made my way over to campus.
>>Probably one of my favorite memories was a group of us
had a standing appointment with Mead Chapel when we’d have to
sneak the trays out of the dining hall. And we would get on trays and
slide down the hill. And we could do that for
seemingly hours and try not to get caught.>>My freshman year roommate had never seen snow in person. On the evening of the first snow, it didn’t start snowing until
I had already gone to bed. So, he wakes me up, so excited. And says, we have to go outside! I need to make a snow angel and
we need to have a snowball fight! But it was just a dusting on the ground. But he was resolved. And so we had to throw clothes on and
go outside in one in the morning, and make snow angels. [MUSIC]>>My favorite winter memory was sophomore
year, living in Pearson’s, watching people try to walk gracefully down the hill, when
in reality they just slid the whole way. [MUSIC]

Stephen Childs

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