Happy Holidays and 2017 in Review

hi happy holidays I’m bill carpenter CEO
at RTS and I wanted to take this time at the end of the year to thank our
customers and our employees we’ve really had a successful year you know as you
think back we had some very dramatic weather events wind storms and snow
events and our buses stayed on the roads keeping people moving throughout the
community getting them to their destinations. at our Transit Center we
celebrated our third anniversary. Over 30 million people have used that facility
since we opened in 2014. there’s other things we’ve done this year we’ve made
very significant improvements in the counties we serve outside Monroe County
and we’ve made big improvements here in Monroe County providing direct service
to the Brighton campus from Monroe Community College from the Transit
Center out to Brighton over to their brand-new beautiful facility on State
Street and as we begin 2018 we’re reimagining what public transit might
look like in Monroe County we’ll continue to need your help as we take
the ideas we’ve heard from you and reflect them back in how the system
might be designed taking advantage of an expanded vanpool program with the city
of rochester the bike share program that was introduced this year and how do we
connect our public transit system with all the mobility options and all the
different ways people want to use public transportation as you celebrate your
holiday season know that we appreciate that you trust us and we’ll continue to
work hard to earn that trust in 2018 may have a very happy and healthy holiday
season best wishes for the new year

Stephen Childs

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