happy holidays! // 2018

seo (in korean): “man, this really doesn’t open” LET’S DO CHRISTMAS!!!! mom (in korean): “oh remember this? you made this!” seo (in korean): “oh!! i made that in 5th grade!” mom (in korean): “please show it off prettily~” basically, he was talking about this korean guy who was an english teacher at some school in seoul and the teacher visited the us with his friends but when they ordered from some restaurant, the teacher thought that they had to go outside when the cashier person asked them “for here or to go” lmao

Stephen Childs



  2. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays Seo! You've made my 2018 a little brighter and filled with love for City Girl! ❤🎄

  3. My room is sooo messy and I feel like I need to clean it but every time I try I get distracted 😂

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas and a break away from school to relax, you deserve it!! I find it so cool when I see you at school bc I love watching your videos and even though I know you I get this like excitement when I see you around :’D Happy holidays!! <3

  5. the first few seconds had me wheezing 🤣
    your family is so cute!! happy holidays!

  6. this is so lovely and cozy aaaaa I love this! Have an awesome holiday!

  7. this was an amazing video!! i'm absolutely in love with your family and you guys' whole dynamic lol.

  8. congrats to your sister!! your entire family is so beautiful and wholesome;;; i enjoyed seeing some of your festivities, and happy holidays to all of you!!

  9. Wow ur family is so nice. I wish my family could settle down and have some bonding time.

  10. merry christmas seo! this has been the most wholesome thing of 2018 and I LOVE IT. hope your 2018 been amazing honey because you and your videos made mine so much better. ❤️

  11. i loved this cute little vlog/montage little clip thing!! it's so fun and festive- merry christmas and happy holidays seo!

  12. seo, do let your father know that he's gaining popularity here on the internet- I'm a fan!!

  13. You really have a cute family💕 have a great holiday! and btw, im starting to loooooove your videos

  14. 1:46 yoo i remember that cup from tea time w seo last year wow we've come a long way lmao

  15. You have such a cute and amazing family! Merry Christmas 🎄 and Happy New Year in advance✨.

  16. I look kinda angry when I eat too lol! I'm just so focused on eating cuz I loooooooove eating so I kinda frown with concentration and thus look ANGRY.

  17. omg ur family is so cute, when my family puts up lights we always start arguing until half of us just leave because we can’t deal with it lolll

  18. Your family is so cute! Have a merry Christmas and may 2019 be a great year for everyone🌼

  19. LMAO the candle lighting attempts were a whole mood
    and the peace signs!!!!!!!
    you and your sister are so beautiful omg

  20. this video is so heartwarming 😍 loved it! happy holidays to everybody reading this 🖤

  21. I rarely ever comment, but Seo I love these types of videos. I love your personality and everything about you. You're sweet and cute. Pls take care of yourself<3 I hope 2019 is a great productive and successful year for you!!!

  22. ok so I have a bit of a problem… someone in my class keeps stealing my erasers and pens. I just got my fourth eraser a few days ago. Idk who keeps stealing my stuff too, which isn't helpful at all. Is there a way to proof my pencil case so no one steals anything?

  23. This was so wonderful thank you <3 Happy holidays & merry christmas to you and your family as well!!

  24. seo !! i love these kinds of vids !! and your seo vlogs aRE SO GOOD SKDJSK you should make more of these type of vids:)

  25. i’ve never felt so much love in a video :(((( makes me feel all warm and tingly inside 💞

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