Happy Holidays 2016

♪♪♪ Trumpets that trumpet,
Research, engineering A campus that’s growing,
that’s what we are hearing Tier One, The Mailman,
and Bradshaw’s the king these are a few of my
favorite things. Tenets and Techsters,
the Regal Blues kicking South campus, Tech Pointe,
all cylinders clicking Drones that see wonders,
we can’t get enough This is a lot of my
favorite stuff. When life’s ho-humm,
when there’s no sun When our Champ is sad I simply remember my
favorite things And then I dont feel so bad. Cyberstorm, Biomed,
what we come home to Greeks and UTeach, alums,
“Where the Tech are you?” Nursing and business,
the Quad in the spring These are a few of my
favorite things. The Foundation, Bulldog Nation English 102 I simply remember my
favorite things And then I feel Loyal Blue! ♪♪♪ As this 2016 year
comes to a close Kathy and I
and all of the students want to wish you a
very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays. This has truy been one of the
most incredible years in Louisiana Tech’s history, and we’re so grateful for our
wonderful student body many of whom are represented
here today. Merry Christmas, and Go Dogs! ♪♪♪

Stephen Childs

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