Happy Holidays 2015 from CFIB

Hi, I’m Dan Kelly president of CFIB. As
2015 comes to a close, I wanted to share with you my best wishes for Christmas and
the holiday season and update you on some of the work we’re doing to keep
your business strong in 2016. With your help we’ve had some big victories this past year.
Most of our members will receive a 15% rebate of their 2015 employment insurance
premiums early in the new year; the long awaited reduction in credit
card processing fees filing went into effect and the government committed to
reduce the small business corporate tax rate from 11 to 9 percent over the
next four years. The ball was moved forward on many
provincial issues including reductions in red tape and increased cooperation on
reducing interprovincial trade barriers. Your fingerprints as members of CFIB were
all over these efforts. 2015 has also been a year of significant change at the
federal level with October’s election bringing in a new government to power in
Ottawa. As a non-partisan organization, we’re committed to working closely with
Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet on causes that we share and opposing
strongly, policies on which we disagree. I’m happy to report that we have a solid
relationship with many of the veterans in his cabinet and the new minister of
small business already reached out to us. We’ll be bringing your priorities to
them early in the new year. I expect our biggest file of 2016 will be the potential
expansion of the CPP and QPP and its even uglier cousin, the Ontario
Retirement Pension Plan. We’ll need the full weight of our membership behind us to
oppose this plan and we’re working hard to find the resources to engage the
general public in this fight. Canadians need to know about the costs
not just the future benefits of an expansion of Canada’s biggest payroll tax.
In addition, we’re seeking to clarify some of the comments from the new government
about who might qualify for the small business corporate tax rate. The lower
rate for small business was CFIB’s founding issue 44 years ago and if
need be we’ll be defending it hard in the months ahead. Of
course we’re looking at new ways to bring even more value to you for your investment in CFIB. We’ll be
introducing new partnerships to save you time and money and I ask that you look
at some of the existing terrific programs that we have on offer. One of
the greatest pleasures I have is working 109,000 independent business owners
across Canada. With all that you do to pay your many taxes, create jobs and support
your local community organizations, I still don’t think that small businesses
get enough respect. We’ve made real progress in 2015 for small businesses
like yours, but we couldn’t have accomplished it without your continued
support and participation. I’m honoured to work with you and for you in 2016. Merry
Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year to you, your family and
your staff. Thanks very much

Stephen Childs

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