– I protest! – How is it not a Christmas movie? – I just want to get one point, man.
– I’m sure you will. ♪ (Christmasy intro) ♪ – (FBE) Any idea
what’s going to happen today? – I think that we’re gonna play a game
and I’m gonna win. – Mmmm, I don’t know about that. – (FBE) Today, we’ve got
a challenge for you guys. – Mm-hmm. – We’re guessing something, Lindsey.
– Okay. – Yay!
– What is it? What is it? – (FBE) We’re going to play you
audio from a movie and the first person to buzz in
and guess just the title gets a point. The most points at the end wins.
– Ooh! I like these. – I’m good at movies.
– I’m so bad at movies. – (FBE) And we’re going festive
’cause these are holiday movies. – Yay! (laughing)
– There are so many! – I like Christmas movies,
but I feel like there are some that I haven’t seen. – Oh no. This is gonna be bad.
– I love Christmas movies! – As a Jew, I wasn’t really raised
on Christmas things. – I don’t go to Christmas movies
’cause I’m Jewish. So I think you have the edge!
– Maybe. – There’s only the Eight Crazy Nights. That’s the only one, and, honestly,
I never saw that. – I don’t want to make it
a competition. – Oh, it’s a competition! – All right, then, it’s on! – (FBE) All right,
here’s your first second of your first movie. – (man) You’re a big boy. What– (hitting bell)
– The Santa Clause. (buzzer)
– (gasping) Seriously? (hitting bell)
– Jingle All the Way? (buzzer)
No. – Okay. (hitting bell)
– Home Alone? (buzzer)
Okay. – (man) You’re a big boy. What– (hitting bell)
– Christmas Story. (buzzer)
– Yeah. (hitting bell)
Bad Santa? (buzzer)
Damn. Something maybe, you know,
a kid sitting on Santa’s lap or something like that.
– Inappropriate Santa humor. – Yeah–
– That sounds like it. (hitting bell)
– Bad Santa? (buzzer)
Okay. – Ooh, that’s a good guess. (hitting bell)
– Bad Santa? (buzzer)
– Oh, okay. – (man) You’re a big boy. What–
(hitting bell) – Bad Santa?
(buzzer) (hitting bell)
– Is it Elf? (ding)
– YES! – Goddamn it, I knew
Elf was gonna come up. It came up already?
– Oh my god! I got my first one
in the first second. I’m so happy.
– Ugh. – (mall Santa) You’re a big boy.
What’s your name? – (boy) Paul.
– Not what I was thinking. – (sighing) This is not going
to be fun for me. (hitting bell)
– The Santa Clause? (buzzer)
– Oh, I forgot about that movie. – That’s, like, Santa’s
workshop or something. – Or it could be in a mall. – (mall Santa) You’re a big boy.
What’s your name? – (boy) Paul. (hitting bell)
– Elf? (ding)
– Argh! (hitting bell)
– Elf. (ding)
Ah-ha-ho! – (mall Santa) You’re a big boy.
What’s your name? – (boy) Paul. – (mall Santa) And, uh, what
can I get you for Christmas? – (Buddy) Don’t tell him
what you want. He’s a liar!
– (laughing) Oh my god! (hitting bell)
Is that Elf? (ding)
YES!! I heard Will Ferrell! (hitting bell)
– Elf? (ding) – You know what?
I’ve actually never seen Elf. – (mall Santa) You’re a big boy.
What’s your name? – (boy) Paul. – (mall Santa) And, uh,
what can I get you for Christmas? – (Buddy) Don’t tell him
what you want. He’s a liar!
(hitting bell) – Elf?
(ding) – Dang it! – Why’d that take me so long? – I should’ve gotten that.
I love Elf. – Seen Elf maybe once. Fell asleep. Not a fan. – (FBE) Not a fan, no?
– I have not seen Elf. – You’ve not even seen it?
And you just guessed it? – Everyone seems
to love it for some reason. I think it’s kind of lame.
– You’re not wrong. It’s not very good.
– It’s not that good. – It is not that good. – I just want to get one point, man.
– I’m sure you will. – (FBE) All right, movie number two,
first second, here we go. – (man) This is a full-blown… – The voice does not sound
familiar to me yet. – (man) This is a full-blown…
(hitting bell) – Christmas Story?
(buzzer) – I couldn’t even tell you
who that is, what’s going on in the movie. This is a full-blown disaster for me. – It’s a full-blown–
– “Christmas.” It’s probably the next word–
– Holiday! – (man) This is a full-blown…
(hitting bell) – Christmas Vacation.
(ding) Yes, okay.
– Good job. – I’m coming back. – (Griswold)
This is a full-blown… (hitting bell) – Uh, Christmas Vacation?
(ding) All right! – I need more seconds.
– I think so, too, yeah. – (Griswold) This
is a full-blow, four-alarm hol– (hitting bell)
– The Santa Clause? (buzzer) (hitting bell)
– The Santa Clause 2? (buzzer)
(laughing) It had to be done. (hitting bell)
– Is it A Christmas Story? (buzzer)
Oh. – (sighing) Thank you, God.
– (laughing) – I really know that voice.
– The voice is super familiar. – It’s like a dad doing a competition
with the lights or something. (hitting bell)
– The Grinch? (buzzer)
Damn it! – (Griswold) This is
a full-blow, four-alarm hol– – Ooh.
– “Blown, four-alarm holiday.” – Oh! Oh, um…
(hitting bell) Christmas Vacation?
(ding) Yes! That was Chevy Chase. – I’ve never seen that movie either. – (Griswold) This is a full-blown,
four-alarm holiday emergency here. – Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
It’s a Wonderful Life. (buzzer)
Damn it! (hitting bell) – Is it National Lampoon’s
Christmas Vacation? (ding) (hitting bell) – National Lampoon’s
Christmas Vacation. (ding)
– Good one. – The voice sounds
a little familiar to me. – Yes, me too. – It kind of sounds like Chevy Chase. – (Griswold) This is a full-blown,
four-alarm holiday emergency here. We’re gonna press on, and we’re gonna have
the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced
with Danny [bleep] Kaye. And when Santa
squeezes his fat white ass down that chimney tonight…
– Ah! I’m so mad ’cause I can–
argh, it sounds so familiar. (hitting bell)
– Bad Santa? (buzzer)
– (both laughing) – Is it one of those
Van Wilder movies, Christmas Edition?
I don’t know what they’re called. – I haven’t seen this movie. – (FBE) This was, in fact,
Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. – STOP!
– (laughing) Nice! – I feel like you’re
gonna win this one. – You think?
– Yeah. – (children) ♪ Let it out ♪ – That is, like,
super family friendly. – Wow, so many little voices.
– Singing children. That sounds like my worst nightmare. – (children) ♪ Let it out ♪ – (snorting) (laughing) We’re
singing a song of some kind. – What is that?
– (screeching) ♪ Let it out ♪ – It’s a musical. (hitting bell)
– It’s a Small World? (buzzer)
– Is that a Christmas movie? (hitting bell) – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?
(buzzer) – (children) ♪ Let it out ♪
(hitting bell) – Eight Crazy Nights.
(ding) – I’ve never seen
that movie, actually. – (children) ♪ Let it out ♪
(hitting bell) – Is that Eight Crazy Nights?
(ding) – Oh!
– Oh! Oh! – (children) ♪ Let it out, Davey ♪ – (Davey) ♪ Aw, sh– ♪
– That was… (hitting bell)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas? (buzzer) It’s gotta be animated, right? – Yeah, it definitely sounds animated. – Like, Rudolph the Red Nosed
Reindeer or something? I don’t know.
(buzzer) (hitting bell)
– How the Grinch Stole Christmas. (buzzer) – (children) ♪ Let it out, Davey ♪ – (Davey) ♪ Aw, sh– ♪ – Okay, so something’s
about to happen in this play. – And there’s definitely
a curse word coming. I don’t think there was
ever a South Park Christmas movie, but I feel like it could be
an adult animated movie. (hitting bell) – Is it like a Frosty the Snowman?
(buzzer) – Ooh, that was a good guess, though. (hitting bell)
– I’ll say Scrooged. (buzzer) – (children) ♪ Let it out, Davey ♪ – (Davey) ♪ Aw, shut your wooden mugs ♪ – “Oh, shut your wooden mugs.”
(hitting bell) – Nutcracker.
(buzzer) Okay. I had to!
– I couldn’t be. – I was thinking Adam Sandler.
– (gasping) Ooh! – But it’s not him. – I feel like I’m usually pretty good
at picking out voices, but I just need to hear
a little more from him. (hitting bell) – Eight Crazy Nights.
(ding) – Yeah. There you go! – (children) ♪ Let it out, Davey ♪ – (Davey) ♪ Aw, shut your wooden mugs ♪ – (female vocals) ♪ Let it out, Davey ♪ – (male vocals) ♪ Would you
check out her bazugs? ♪ – (Davey) ♪ You want me
to deal with pain? ♪ – Eight Crazy Nights?
– No! – Eight Crazy Nights?
(ding) – Nice! – (FBE) This was Eight Crazy Nights.
– Oh! – I would never have guessed that. – One of those underrated
Adam Sandler movies. – It sounded like
really cheap Christmas stuff, which is exactly what that movie was. – (man) I was always kind of par– – “I was always kinda…”
– What’d he say? “Partial”? – I don’t even know what was said. – If I hear another second,
I think I’ll get the actor, and then I’ll narrow it down. – (man) I was always kind of par–
(hitting bell) Oh my god! That’s Die Hard.
(ding) – Damn it!
– Yes! – I know that, too. – (McClane) I was always kind of par–
(hitting bell) – I believe that’s Die Hard.
(ding) – That’s so dumb.
That’s not a Christmas movie! – Christmas movie!
Christmas movie! (hitting bell)
– Die Hard! – NO!
– Bruce Willis, baby! I just won.
You just got Alan Rickmanned. – (laughing) – (McClane) I was always
kind of partial to Roy Rogers… – “I was always…”
I don’t know. – (McClane) I was always
kind of partial to Roy Rogers… – That voice is Bruce Willis.
The movie is Die Hard. (ding)
– Die Hard?! (hitting bell)
– Die Hard? (ding)
It sounded like Bruce Willis. – (McClane) I was always
kind of partial to Roy Rogers, actually. I really liked those sequined shirts. – (Gruber) Do you really think
you have a chance against us, Mr. Cowboy?
– Is that Alan Rickman? – (gasping)
(hitting bell) Is it Top Gun or something?
(buzzer) What is it called again?
(hitting bell) – The Fifth Element?
(buzzer) – No! (laughing) – (McClane) I was always
kind of partial to Roy Rogers, actually. – That is Bruce Willis. – (Gruber) Do you really think you
have a chance against us, Mr. Cowboy?
– (imitating) “Mr. Cow…” It’s totally Alan Rickman. – (McClane) Yippee ki-yay,
mother[bleep]. – It is the one that
I’m thinking about. I don’t know the name.
– I don’t either. “Yippee ki-yay.” – “Yippie ki-yay, mother[bleep].” (hitting bell)
Die Hard? (ding)
– ARGH!! – (laughing) – That’s the big question here
that I guess will be debated in the comments,
that I feel like are debated all over the internet. Is Die Hard a holiday movie?
– I’m gonna go with no. – I would say no. – I think so.
– Okay. – Totally.
– It’s a Christmas movie. – I protest!
– How is it not a Christmas movie? – That is not a Christmas movie! – It is the ultimate Christmas movie. – It is the best Christmas movie. It’s not just a Christmas movie. – He had to travel across the country
to get his family back during Christmas time. – It just happened to be
during a terrorist attack. – Yeah. (bell ringing)
– Was that even a second? (hitting bell)
– Jingle All the Way? (buzzer) – Because of the jingle–
– I heard jingle bells. – That was good. (bell ringing) – Uh, that definitely
sounds like Christmas bells. (hitting bell) – A Christmas Story
’cause that’s all I’ve got. (buzzer) (bell ringing)
(hitting bell) – I’m going on a limb,
going with an old classic. Frosty the Snowman.
(buzzer) Okay.
(hitting bell) – I’m going out on a limb
and saying Scrooged. (buzzer)
(groaning) – Okay. (hitting bell) – It’s a Wonderful Life?
(ding) – There was literally, like,
not even dialogue. (hitting bell)
– Christmas Story. (buzzer)
Ah, damn it. (hitting bell)
– It’s a Wonderful Life? (ding)
– OH!! (bell ringing)
– (girl) Look, daddy! (hitting bell)
– Christmas Story. (buzzer)
Ah! (hitting bell)
– The Grinch. (buzzer) (bell ringing)
– (girl) Look, daddy! – Ooh, that sounds
a bit familiar, that voice. – It sounds like
another older kind of film. (hitting bell)
– It’s a Wonderful Life. – (gasping) Yep. – It’s a Wonderful Life! (laughing) (bell ringing)
– (girl) Look, daddy! Teacher says…
– What’d she say? “Pikachu”? (hitting bell)
– Miracle on 34th Street? (buzzer)
– Oh. (hitting bell)
– It’s a Wonderful Life. (ding) (bell ringing)
– (girl) Look, daddy! Teacher says, every time a bell rings,
an angel gets his wings. – Oh!
(hitting bell) Jimmy Stewart in
It’s a Wonderful Life. (ding)
– Oh. – (FBE) Alyssa, you were the winner.
– Yay! Good job. – I always feel bad when I win,
unless it’s against Rafi, then I feel really good. – It’s a good grab bag
of Christmas movies through the times.
– Yeah, old and new. – I got Die Hard, which is the one
I would’ve wanted to get. – This is my first Guess That,
so I’m gonna get better. It’s only gonna go up from here. – Thanks for watching
Guess That Movie: Holiday Edition on the React channel. – Don’t forget to subscribe. We have great new shows
almost every day. Die Hard, Christmas movie or not? Let us know in the comments. – Bye, guys! – Everybody, Derek here,
one of the React channel producers. Thank you so much for joining us
through your holidays. Whatever you celebrate,
thank you so much for watching and sharing it with us.
Happy Holidays.

Stephen Childs


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