grown-ish Season 3, Episode 2 | Zoey Asks Luca For Advice | Freeform

With everything about the past few days being anything but normal, I was trying to make sense of it all. Which led me back to the one thing that still felt sort of familiar. Hey. Hey. Uh, sorry for the drop-in. I just have a quick question. Okay. Am I a bad friend? I don’t know. I’m not on Facebook. Dude, come on. I need someone who really knows me to answer honestly. Like, am I a bad friend? Where’s all this coming from? From Nomi telling you she was pregnant and not me. Something’s obviously wrong, right? I mean, to be honest with you, she told me ’cause she knew I’d just listen and not be all in her shit. And I would? You wouldn’t not. What if that’s what she needs? It doesn’t matter what you think Nomi needs if that’s not what she’s telling you she wants. You might be right. Well, thank you for your honesty. And I should be going now. Cool place, by the way. Hey. You good? I’m great.

Stephen Childs


  1. Ooooop!!!! Ryan and Luca are cuteeeeeee af Zoey's going to be so jealous!!!!!!!!!

  2. Zoey definitely still has feelings for old boy and he looked like he was ready for her to leave. Also surprised she didn't notice the painting of her hanging up that gives us Zuca fans some hope that it might not be over with them at least for now.

  3. Is Luca an a douche or is he unapologetically himself and we just can't handle it? Im on the fence…

  4. I don't know why so many people are surprised Luca moved on. Zoey moved all the way to another continent and ghosted him for 3 months. I'd be over it too.

  5. Zoey needs to move on, like just because you can’t get your life together doesn’t mean other people have to stop and wait for you. I didn’t like Luca when he showed his true colors to her when she succeeded for once and he didn’t. I already know this season finna be lit lol

  6. My thing is …. Whhhyyy tf did she go over there in the first place ? I thought you moved on Zoey ??? Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. The quickness Luka opened his door for Zoey was he standing there or is it coincidence?

  8. So he’s just going to talk to my sis and he have her painting on the wall thennnn go up the stairs and kiss another girl excuse me (I love both of them 💯… I really was rooting for cash soo ya I’m just going to leave this here ✌🏽)

  9. The pregnancy story line is so weak. Spend some time on character development and not splashy plot twists that make no sense at all

  10. Zoey is a mess. She's always shaking up these old exes using them to figure herself out when she needs to just focus on herself ugh

  11. See I told yall that's why she told him because he listens instead of pushing his ideals off on someone and maki g his wants and needs theirs

  12. Girl please you just wanted Luca to see you in that dress. But I don’t blame ya girl !

  13. Freeform is not available in my country but these small snippets actually consoles a person lol

  14. See this is why. When its over. You need to just let it go. She looks so stupid.

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