“Green” office holiday party tips – Green Holidays

MUSIC ♪ SUE VAN HOOK: Well I would say that reusing is always better. If you think back to the time of the Depression, reusing was the mantra, necessity of the day. And then we moved along sort of to the 1970s where we added the word ‘reduce’ before the word ‘reuse’ so we can reduce our consumption and unnecessary waste. But we definitely want to reuse things before we have to recycle or compost them. So with our EcoCradle product for example, there are several uses for say a children’s toy. You could use the EcoCradle packaging as building blocks for quite a while. They float so you could use them in the bathtub as little mini-barges. Kids could play with them for quite a number of weeks before they’d go into the compost pile. Here at the office, we have all sorts of creative uses for containers and pencil holders and paper clip holders before we take them home to put them in our gardens. If you wanted to do some green decorating around the office, there’s always stringing popcorn and cranberries that you then later put out for the birds and the squirrels to eat. You can make snowflakes out of recycled office paper and hang those up or paper chains if you have some colored paper around. And then my ultimate Christmas tree besides a paper or plastic one would be to take chicken wire and form your cone shape and then actually cut some branches, some lower branches from an evergreen nearby that you don’t hurt the whole tree but you just borrow some branches for awhile and make your own.

Stephen Childs

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