Government Shutdowns Are Not Normal – Between the Scenes: The Daily Show

– As someone who comes
from another country, I don’t think you
understand how weird it is to have a government
that is always in threat of shutting down. Like, itself. Like, I’ve never come across
a pay as you go government. Every three months they’re
threatening to cut it off. You’re like, “What do you mean?” That’s not a normal idea. You understand how
strange that is? That’s not a normal, and people are just like, “Will Congress?” “Well, I don’t know
if Congress can.” “I don’t think Congress
is gonna do it.” “Ya know what, I don’t think
Congress can get it done.” And everyone excepts
that as normal, that Congress does not function. That’s not normal. Now, even when people go like, “Why would Donald Trump
send this to Congress? “He knows that Congress
can’t do this.” Well what do you mean? You shouldn’t accept that people in power
cannot do their job. There’s no other industry where we would allow
that to happen. There is no other industry where we would allow
that to happen. You know what I mean? We would never be like, “Oh, pilots don’t know
how to land planes.” “Yeah well, that’s
how it, that’s, ya know, that’s why we
jump out before they crash. “That’s what we do. “I guess that’s life.” It’s like, no, it’s not normal. We don’t accept it. And you can accept things when
you do them for long enough. You start to
believe it’s normal. I remember when I
was really young, when I was, maybe, 18. I had a car, it was a Beetle, the little Volkswagen Beetle. Volkswagen, right? (crowd laughs) And, my car had
windows that didn’t, the window winders
that were all broken. So, what I’d have to do
is do this, to close them and then do this, to close them. And I was just
like, “It’s normal.” I couldn’t afford to fix them. So, I was just like, “Yeah,
this is what I do, everyday.” And I thought it was normal, and my friends treat it normal, cause we did it for
like a year or two. And then, one day, I was
on a date with a woman and she got in the car,
and then we were driving and she’s like, “Oh,
I’m really cold. “Can you, can I? “Don’t know how to.” And then I stopped the
car, straight faced, got out, went to her
side, opened her door. And I was like. (laughter) And then, she looked at. You know when someone’s
looking at you? Just looking at. And you know, I’ve never
looked in somebody’s eyes and seen sex get erased. Like immediately. Like, while I was
doing this I was like, “Oh, this is, this is not. “Okay, Okay.” And I was like
this is not normal. I shouldn’t be living like this. You can’t accept
it from Congress. It’s not normal. (upbeat music)

Stephen Childs


  1. The Electoral College is not normal either. Other countries have real democracies, the U.S. does not.
    Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million more votes than Trump. And if Trump's claims about all the illegal votes are true then why doesn't the U.S. do what Austria did in December 2016 and have a re-vote (the U.S. can't have a re-vote because they are not a real democracy).

  2. We don't expect congress to do their job? Let's be real Trevor. Of course they can't do their job. Just look at history. Has history taught you nothing. Stop. Learn. And don't repeat.

  3. U.S.A ( Uranium – SUICIDAL : Angst) – IRAQ ( Independence from : Royalty & Anglo-Saxon Queens) – $66,666 BIBLICAL – per person : debt < USA ( Usury Suck & Avarice) – IS : un-Christian : un -American : un-Catholic : un-British : un-Orthadox-Jewish : un-Greek : un-Swiss … heck : 95% of countries : NO nuclear – WMD (Weapons of [Catholic] Mass Destruction) – Italy : freed a – MAN that – stole food – because he – hungered – in his own country : NOT feeding the : HUNGRY IS : a sin : unworthy of a – SAINT R > G

  4. No, I don't understand. Why don't you get your ass here and help explain it to me.

  5. More "between the scenes" please!!! I started watching Trevor before he came to the daily show and I knew he would replace John very well because he's the King of political and social comedy. For those who hate him because he criticize Trump watch him criticize Jacob Zuma South Africa's president. He isn't scared to tell the truth and he always makes it funny at the end.

  6. We all do that in our western societies. Ever wobdered how other nations don't ask us how to build a government? It's because they rather ty to build one from scratch than copying our dailed attempts!

  7. Some of this stuff should make it into the main show. I appreciate that Noah isn't a monologist the same way Stewart was, but these articulate improvisations show a little of what people loved about Stewart: that only-sane-man, issue-focused breakdowns. I hope he gets more and more autonomy.

  8. Not quite un-heard of, Australia 1975 – The opposition "Stopped supply" effectively closing down the government. Head of state took it upon him self to set in place the dissolution of both house's the reps ( Congress ) and the Senate. Broke the deadlock, hasn't happened again.

  9. I'm pretty sure Americans don't realize that Trevor is the Funniest comedian in South Africa. That's why they are always so surprised he's this good.

  10. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he did not say "Pay-As-You-Go" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ OMG so rude bruh

  11. LOL funny how he pronounced Volkswagen the way we pronounce is here in South Africa but then changed it to the American Pronunciation

  12. B.s. anytime I've attempted to override his bad ideas I've literally had my hands tied for stuff I had no part in I have no trust or faith in local government. So where does someone with need for knowledge go to find people to help uplift now issues

  13. You know the guy must be good at what he does if a person from a little country of Slovakia (me) is watching his shows and reeding his book. Trevor makes me feel good after I have had very stressful time at work. Without him making some kind of sense or fun of all of what is going on in this world I would not be able to fall asleep at night. Thanks Trevor! Loveya!😚

  14. Slope effectiveness waste plate vanish person elsewhere athlete farm source competitor broadcast cope.

  15. 1:13 "i remember when I was really young"
    Me: 5 or what?
    Trevor: I was 18
    Like what hahaha I am 18 and I don't think it is "really" young
    And btw did he say Volkswagen like "volkswakhen"?

  16. Hahahahaha – This actually happens to me with a girl I was dating hahahaha

    The only difference was the car

    I'm laughing so damn hard – You're a true Talent man

  17. The funniest thing in Trevor's humor is how he can always make an analogy between his life in South Africa and the USA politics. And he's always connecting with the whole planet. Just look at the comments. lol

  18. What you mean shut down? Like the windows put in sleep mode??

  19. Had a car once that could'nt go to second gear. You had to go from first to third. Being young and poor…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

  20. I freakin love this guy!!!!!!😍😍😍🀣🀣🀣🀣

  21. After our last elections in Germany (September 2017) it took the new government a very long time to form (the majority building the government, the other parties building the oppossition). Shit got done anyway lol.

  22. Trevor is living proof that white women in South Africa will use a large POS as a dildo to get knocked up

  23. Noooo they got trevor! The americans they got him! The way he said volkswagen the first time was right you pronunciation nazis

  24. He said Volkswagen allmost right the first time, then he did it the wrongest way possible xD

  25. Hello, Mr Trevor. You'll probably wonder why I'm writing to you but just wanted to tell you that yesterday I fell accidentally on a video of you that apples cat for racism I'm from Albania and I grew up in Greece I'm 20 years old and 20 years I'm trying to keep myself from racist attacks I receive. Today while I was in my dance school mentioned some racist comments and I noticed that when I stepped into those people no one defended me. And I wanted to tell you that you and your videos are defending me as a human being in the world, but please keep referring to such issues because it is terrible that in 2018

  26. Pro is good and con is bad
    Progress is good…. Then that means Congress is bad to

  27. Sex getting erased πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Trevor will kill me one day!

  28. I am not American. Thé concept of "shutdown" just blows my mind everytime. How can people accept that ??😲😳

  29. Honestly tho, I don’t think there’s anything that Trevor cld do that wld erase sex frm the eyes…

  30. "I feel like I've seen this before…" I say, then glance down and see I've liked it before… and it was published last year…
    Oh. Well.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same…?

  31. Congress's job isn't to pass bills; it's to argue over things. (Passing bills also happens, on the occasions when the arguments come to a conclusion.) If you want a government that gets things done like a normal business, then get a dictatorship.

  32. It should be weird here. I've been a fed for 35 years and in the past 5 years things have been completely out of control. I've never seen a partial budget. I had no idea that other agency weren't funding because we received our funding in October. How ridiculous is this and has anyone notice the agency that are furloughed?

  33. U always take very practical examples Trevor.. Dope… That dating examples makes better sense 😊

  34. Unfortunately, this is how the insane right wing wants government to (not) function.

  35. Salaries should be frozen, and these politicians should lose their FREE HEALTHCARE!
    Then they couldn't afford to shut down!
    They are supposed to be our REPRESENTATIVES, yet they can not go to work in protest, and still be financially fine??? That does NOT sound like any of us! Get the rich out of politics, they don't represent the majority anymore…They represent the other rich folks, like THEY ARE!

  36. Yep: US is the only so-called advanced democracy that leaves his own workers get unpaid.
    No other developed country in the world does that. And it's amazing that any US citizen would accept to work in such conditions. The house and the senate should have their own pay blocked for a period ten time longer than the shutdown before any federal workers goes unpaid one day.
    The very concept of a shutdown is ridiculous. But, hey, apparently that does not bother US people…

  37. Most government shutdowns are followed by military coups or violent takeovers by the citizens. How long will America continue to roll the dice on theae?

  38. This proves yet again that trump is not a politician and will never learn how to be one. He doesn’t have any idea how to run a country, be diplomatic, not cry if he doesn’t get something he wanted and try to be patient. This proves that trump has always been and will always be an narcissistic 6 year old who will never grow up!!!!!

  39. I just want to remind everyone that the government was purposefully set up to be difficult and as a sort of gridlock. This prevents the government from making rash decisions and taking advantage of the people. Of course these things still happen (the patriot act) but imagine what it would be like if we didnt have so many people fighting for their own agendas and keeping everyone else in check

  40. There definitely needs to be an amendment where if a budget can't be passed before a given point then Congress and the President need new elections.

    Having a government not work is ridiculous in this day and age.

  41. January 2019: Yeah, this is such a necessary message for today. looks at upload date OH NOOOOOOOO!

  42. My belgian ass can relate. Over two years without a gov a few years ago!!! And we're going back to this bullshit as we speak. At least till may without a government lol

  43. "government" is what we call the epically corrupt cabal destroying our country.

  44. So bummed Six Flags over Georgia is shutdown until April. What exciting things should I put on my GoPro channel now? How will I get subscribers?

  45. It's also not normal in a democratic government to have a president hold the government hostage

  46. When he said Volkswagen correctly then said it wrong but then the audience laughed thinking it's the other way around

  47. I know im in the minority here, but it's my view that Congress cant get anything done because the country is too large and too diverse for the detailed way federal policy seeks to intervene in our lives. We shouldnt have to choose 1 way to do something. If you want a loony lefty, tree hugger, so called free education, and a single payer system move to california. If you like big oil, want to be uneducated, private market healthcare move to the south. You want no neighbors and the govt out of your life as much as possible try one of those new frontier/wild west states that have a libertarian-ish feel. Point is, let the states decide the role of govt in these issues. I should have a choice between single payer and capitalist healthcare. We should be able to choose if we want to live some place in the country that cares about the environment or not. But to think we could easily reach consensus on these issues at the federal level for 300+ million people of varied background is far fetched to me and has proven impossible. Instead what we get is some faction wants OJ, another wants soda (and their enemies will want same thing but want it to be called pop), and another faction wants water. Then the american people get to drink a glass of watered down oj and milk mixed together. Rather than drink that disgusting mix, why not let us choose which of the 3 we want. We get it in our heads that we know best and should force others the live the same.

  48. America is the only Country I think that does this and believes it's perfectly fine to do so. NVM people who work for them and don't get paid ! Those A-holes need to start thinking about others and how their desicions affect them. Cuz All this shutdown was about is that Orange C**t not getting his way for his Ffing wall !!!

  49. Trevor, you are immensly entertaining with your anecdotes, but your understanding of democracy might also need a similar update, my friend.

  50. YouTube, how is it that I can only give Trevor Noah one like, that should absolutely not be normal. Honestly Trevor's between the scenes are better than the entire actual show. Every. Single. Time.

  51. I’m re-watching all The Between the Scenes eps. This is not normal! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΎ

  52. When democrats do shutdowns. Republicans are worried.
    When Republicans do shutdowns. Democrats are worried.
    I'm tired of choosing sides.

  53. I can’t get enough of Between the Scene… first and last videos of my day…πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  54. On a first date with a guy, I though he was opening the car door for me, but no. The driver side door no longer opened from the outside so he had to reach though and open it from the passenger side. I ended up marrying the man. Not really sure what that says about me.

  55. I'm not an American so when I heard my American friends talking about government shutdown I was like "wait, it can happen?"

  56. I find watching the daily show a bit off sometimes but the between scenes Trevor is fabulous.

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