Stephen Childs


  1. Bullshit, the Republicans have a majority in the House and the Senate, they can pass whatever bill they want. If anyone's to blame it's Donald Trump because he can't even unite in rally his own party.

  2. Both parties are at fault for not doing what's in the countries best interest, rather than their own selfish aims

  3. Shut it down.  It's spent all our money.  The swamp rats should go home.


  5. Stupid trump ended the DACA program last year and tried to tie it to this vote. Bulling will not work. Trump ended the program. If he wants to gas the kids Go ahead
    Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall Sorry you are caught in a another lie and you can't use American tax dollars
    Shutting the government down will not change the facts Trumps bad judgement. No experience Ivanka is a bad advisor Kellyanne terrible advisor Sally Yates is the smartest of all

  6. shut it down & lock the doors, last one out shut off the lights. if congress can take a shut down holiday we should take a tax holiday.

  7. Republicans control Congress. Republicans control the Senate. Repulicans control the Presidency. Republicans control the government shutdown. Republicans and Republicans alone are responsible for the shutdown.

  8. Democrats and Obama dick-riders at fault…Most bills pass under Trump because of the Majority of the GOP.

  9. Why don't we just divide the country. Democrats and Rinos can have California, and the normal people can have the rest of the country.

  10. Shut it down.take away their pay.let them stay home and we can start over with all new people.that would be great.american people are so sick of washington.they don't get it we don't care if u shut it down.

  11. Blame the Democrats and Republicans….Democrats have to nderstand DACA has nothing to do with budget…get rid of all the Democrats and Republicans who put special interests before the nation. We need a constitutional amendment to cure this utter crap! In the end, Democrats will lose!

  12. How can you blame Democrats for a Government shutdown? Redumblicans control the majority. All government shutdowns since 1996, have been blamed on the GOP. You Trumpers are so delusional. Fox News is a breeding ground for inaccuracies. And not all Republicans agree on the same issue. So in the end. Republicans will be solely blamed for this defunct administration.

  13. Like the Republicans told the Democrats under the Obama AdministratioN SHUT IT DOWNNNN NOWWW!!! Remember ted Cruz.

  14. The government is fucked up because the left and right wingers control the government, because they are all bought and paid for special interests groups and individuals. Once we get rid of these asshole out of controlling are government by buying the elected officials.

  15. The republicans want to have things their way, and if they can't force democrats to agree with them to get the bill passed, the government shuts down. How is that the democrats fault that the republicans don't want to compromise? It's takes both parties, each with their own ideas of what they want, to come to an agreement. Trying to blame either party is kind of stupid. I guess we'll have to hang our hopes on the great deal maker to make it happen. Where is he, anyway? Maybe he's tweeting  more tweets about how it's all the democrats fault. What a moron.

  16. The Democrats(so-called) are nothing but obstructionists. Wanting the nation to fail. Anti-Americans. Why they are allowed to live and do their evils within boggles the mind. So stupid. Complete failure.

  17. All year Trump has ask Demercrats for stuff and all he''s gotton was no nono votes . Well now the Demercrats are asking Trump for something . Well Trump stand your Ground .

  18. Trump blamed Obama for the 2013 shutdown.  Now that he is President,  he blames the Dem minority, and then retreats to his Golf Resort to celebrate his one year Presidential anniversary.  Obama stayed in Wash DC during the closure debacle to pressure Congress.  I think the only sticking point is the dreamers who came to America as children.  I love how we (Dems)protect the "little guy", while the GOP protects the ultra-rich.

  19. Democrats are FOOLS, shutting down our govenment over people that are NOT US citizens!!!

  20. Conservative have senate, house, and white house control so it's the conservative fault ….. they have all the votes
    Military paycheck won't be effect they going to receive a bigger check next les pay check that happens in first and figthteen of every month
    Trump fanboys are dumb as hell

  21. Conservative have full control in all three branches of the government and still cant have a comprehensive result
    And fox news is blaming sorry ass Democrat

  22. It will makes a party when passing this bill,………a big one all those leftis going down………..~~~~way down~~~

  23. "The House of Representatives—in the same manner as the United States Senate—is expressly authorized within the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 5, clause 2) to discipline or “punish” its own Members"

    Congressional Research Service 7-5700 RL31382

    1. Ethics Committee issue Letter Of Reproval to each Senator and Representative {including the HEC) at 12:01 A.M. 1/20/2018 for demonstrating CONTEMPT for the citizens of the United States, due to their failure to provide a "fair and balanced" budget.

    2. Impose a $5000 USD fine per day for contempt until the budget is passed.

    3. Apply all fines collected from the Senators and Representatives toward the principle Debt of the U.S.

    I am not naive to the fact that they would have to impose these fines on themselves by a vote. I believe If the people knew this,called for this action and the vote was covered by live news coverage, it might give an insight to which members are willing to put the people ahead of themselves.

    Just a thought from an Average Guy


  25. Shut it down, it is worth it, we pay for Israel's protection while our boarders are open! What good is that when we are with out question losing our country so shut it down!! A homogeneous country is more likely to resist a hostile elite this is why our rulers ZIONIST want us to be so called multi- culture because the elite can continue molesting the system ..we are being milked for Israel and the ZIONIST World Order and we have lost if this stand is not held it is over…..

  26. We did elect you motherfuckers domoncrats to shut down our country you work for the millions of americans not your politicly correct trump hating ass selves. Hail to the commander & chief

  27. Hopefully they can stop this. Not sure why the Dems would really want to try something like this. Playing with fire…

  28. Need a New federal Law that shuts down salaries for all congress and senate whenever the Government goes into a shutdown NOW!!!!

  29. OMG. You think if we can shut down the government until after the mid term elections, US may live to see another year.

  30. I'm you nd but can someone explain to me what they actually mean by shutting down the government , cause when I think about it I think of the purge , any one explain to me ?

  31. Shut the government down, who cares!  So we won't have a ranger in a park booth, at least we won't have illegals we're spending 300 billion on every year!  The wall is cheaper!

  32. If the dems shut down the govt then every illegal goes back when the govt resumes

  33. Democrats are at fault. Plain and simple. They are saying that the military won't get paid, that Social Security won't get paid.

    Let's assume that lie is true for a moment, shall we?

    That means that the Democrats put the well being of illegal immigrants above and beyond that of American citizens.
    Ask yourselves why DACA is so much more important to the Democrats than making sure our elderly get the money they need to survive.

    Think about that, for a moment.

  34. US 115th US SENATE breakdown (REPS 54) (DEMS 47) (IND 2) THE REPUBLICANS DO NOT NEED EVEN ONE DEM vote! NOT ONE! SO how can the DEMs be holding up ANYTHING THEY ARE NOT NEEDED to vote to pass ANYTHING! NOT A ONE!

  35. I want a civil war because democrats need to be wiped off the earth before they destroy America…They are the most gullible idiots out there, if it is on CNN it must be true…lol..There is no bringing the brain washed liberals beck to reality so a civil war seems to be the logical answer..

  36. The hard hearted Dems are to blame willing to put illegals as their priority over sick children & the military & their family's they will suffer without pay Maybe they could lend a few of their millions Made on a pay grade of a senator? They are using the illegals to try to throw their weight around they are not used to being in charge & not getting their own way like spoiled children having a tantrum only this is serious & they are not treating as so.

  37. Yes I love seeing the amerikan sheeple still thinking there is a dimes worth of difference between the DEMS and the REPS there is NONE they are all on the same team!

  38. The Great Pretender & his band of Loonies have stuffed up big time…what else do you expect from a CON MAN who is only looking after himself

  39. Well , well , well , look who's a shit hole country now. Hope the shut down lasts months.

  40. Good now they can start deporting these DACA ILLEGAL ALIENS! Back to your shit hole countries illegal alien offspring!

  41. We the People voted Trump And we the people will vote Trump 20 20 . We don't care what Trump does we love Trump . To all Demercrats nobody is listening to you alls bull crap any longer . Replublecs are in it to win it it and we did just that . Who cares that govermwnt shut down blame it on your self.

  42. There was a past Prisedent that shut the goverment down five times while in office . Wonder if he was getting all the blame then to .

  43. Too many ignorant peeps, rep control but need 60 votes in Senate to make law to fund need 51 since dems want more than what rep. Are giving close it down unfortunately in all aspects rep. Have given in to DACA and even chip program , but want funding for wall and end to chain migration and other things …..yup this one on Dems. Totally. Illegals over military = Democrats

  44. Well lets see, liberals shut down the govt. supporting illegals over our military and legal citizens of america. Now they given up the illegal to open america up again because siding with the criminal over law abiding military and the rest of our citizens made shumer look exactly i mean it the epitome of a shit for brains fool.

  45. Trump made a false enemy for everybody to hate because, historically, if you can give a group of people an enemy they will unite. Illegal immigration has been declining for ten years. THERE IS NO ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM. Trump made it up to fool stupid, gullible people, who are too lazy or too ignorant to look up with crap he spews.

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