Government Shutdown Shows Private is Better

The government shutdown continues, longer than any in history. I’m told, this is a crisis! Government shutdown crisis. Another Trump-generated crisis. This crisis. Crisis! Crisis! It’s causing chaos, confusion, pain. It’s “just too much”, say the Washington Post and New York Times. But wait a second, looking around America, I have to ask, where’s that crisis? Most everything seems pretty normal. How is everything today? Life goes on. Pundits speak as if government’s the most important part of America. But it isn’t. We need some government, but most of life, the best of life, goes on without government, much of it in spite of government. Of course, if you are one of the 800,000 federal workers who aren’t being paid, the shutdown is a big deal. Are you freaking kidding me? Again? Seriously? The furloughed workers get a lot of attention. They’re not getting paid. But they will get paid. They’re always do after shutdown. Don’t get me wrong, the shutdown is a real problem. Columnist Paul Krugman giggles about it being “Trump’s Big Libertarian Experiment.” But it’s not libertarian. Government’s endless rules are still in effect, and soon workers will be paid for not working. This is a most un-libertarian experiment. But there are lessons to be learned. Under President Obama’s shutdown, government officials wouldn’t allow people to enter public parks. The National Park Service is blocking access to parks and monuments. This shutdown, the administration is allowing people in parks, so PBS finds a new “crisis.” Too much garbage. National Park Services can’t clean up the mess until Congress and the President reach a spending deal. But now volunteers sometimes pick up the trash. Private citizens will step in to do some things government workers used to do. The Washington Post finds another problem. Farmers aren’t receiving government support checks. But why do farmers even get support checks? The purpose of the subsidy was to protect the food supply, but most fruit and vegetable farmers don’t get subsidies, and they do fine. There’s no shortage of tangerines, pears, or broccoli. Grain, cotton, and corn farmers could suck it up and do fine, too. Much of government we could just get rid of. The New York Times says, “Shutdown Curtails F.D.A. Food Inspections.” Oh no! We’ll be poisoned! But if you read the smaller print, you’d learn that 80% of food inspection is done by the Agriculture Department, and they’re still inspecting. But more important, the main reason food is safe is not government, it’s competition. Fear of getting a bad reputation inspires most food producers to employ more safety inspectors than government requires. Beef carcasses undergo hot steam rinses and microbiological testing that go well beyond what government demands. Yet politicians want us to think it’s all about government. Where government work is needed, privatize much of it. Even security work, like what the TSA does, is done better by the private sector. Go to San Francisco’s airport, you’ll notice the lines are shorter, and they move more quickly, and passengers say the screeners are nicer. People here are friendly, and willing to help. Not only are they nicer, the TSA acknowledged they were better at finding contraband. That’s because they’re private contractors. They have to be better or they might get fired. Government never fires itself. We shouldn’t shut down the government over a dispute and you want to shut it down. You keep talking about it. The last time Chuck, you shut it down. No, no, no. Finally, it’s absurd that this shutdown is supposedly about appropriating $5.7 billion dollars for part of a border wall. That’s less than what Washington spends every day. $54 billion dollar increase in the defense budget. Well the Senate has passed the Farm Bill, a multi-billion dollar legislative package. Our debt will soon reach $22 trillion dollars, government squanders money on useless things. They $300,000 studying whether Japanese quail are more sexually promiscuous on cocaine. So when government workers protest and say, we are all essential. We all are essential! I say, give us a break!

Stephen Childs


  1. We were shut down? When? Where? Who? Some of the more important indices needed to be payed, just not all. Some farm subsidies can go with the Grand Solar Minimum as crops are frozen or in case of drought.

  2. Dont point your finger at me☝️.. I'm contemplating. My escape into reality at the moment .

  3. The term I heard was "non-essential employees" are not getting paid. Which means that the fact that they are employed to begin with is unconstitutional. Refer to the preamble of the Constitution for reference.

  4. 300000 for japanese quail huh? Sounds like yall dont need my money this tax season then!

  5. I am holding out for the 300K to study whether or not I am more promiscuous on cocaine.

    My initial hypothesis is yes, awaiting further analysis.

  6. I’m a government worker and I’m good with what you said, the regulations and processes keep me busy.

  7. You know mr. Stossel I was a semi-pro wrestler when I was younger and I admit I was a bit annoyed when you did the wrestling piece even though I was just a kid then. However, I must admit that I appreciate your work and commend you on your efforts. I hope you continue to expand on government waste and programs we can do without. Just wanted to thank you and say I am a fan.

  8. The biggest issue they claim is TSA, so how about we improve TSA by privatizing it? Stossel already proved they are better.

  9. If shut down is "non-essential" Government…then permanently close half of that. Save the tax money. 😎😎

  10. But then how WILL we find out if Japanese Quail are more sexually promiscuous on cocaine? These are answers to the universe we NEED to know!

  11. Liberals appeal to feelings, conservatives appeal to tradition, only libertarians make a rational judgement free from any prejudice.

  12. Stossel the only living fair and balanced investigative journalist as far as the eye can see. Did you do one of the need or not of the wall that's taking all the air out of everyone's lungs? There are a ton of topics to cover that CNN AND FOX are NOT covering as well as they should if at all. You are truly amazing. Wish I could meet you just to shake your hand one of these days.

  13. no matter what government provides, private businesses always provide better and cheaper. private security provide better protection at a cheaper price then police. amazon ships faster then government mail. hell i bet people would pay to have there driveways and dirt roads asphalt or cemented if it wasn't for government threatening to increase taxes. i mean even domino's pizza was filling in pot holes when the state does nothing.

  14. The only thing in that keeps this country afloat is the superpower status. You never see a 3rd world country go into this kind of debt. And you wanna know why. Cause China can collect. Just look at the Coup in Zimbabwe.

  15. it shut down because dumb politician can't agree on anything.
    somehow it seem to only happen in the states

  16. Is anyone saying that the country will collapse? The problem is that they aren't at Congress making new laws

  17. When he said that farmers were complaining for not getting support checks I was like "Why do they get checks?"

  18. A certain Democrat said it best, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." – Rahm Emanuel
    Crisis means we have to allow Govt to step in and take control Declare martial law. Suspend Constitutional Rights. All in the name of "public safety/security."
    So if you need power and have this well-trodden path for getting more, then all you need is a crisis. Don't have one? Invent one!

  19. So a childish president shuts down the gouverment because he does not get what he want and that is prove for a bad system? Remind me: who elected this egomaniac?
    The problem isnt the system: the problem is allways people. you put the wrong person in a position with responsibillity – he or she will fuck up. And again: These clowns in the US politcal circus (cons AND dems) are the people all of you elected. Go vote and vote smart-if you do not: shut the fuck up.

  20. Hell yeah. Less government all the way. Some is needed but much much less.

  21. The quality of these videos make me think it’s from the 90s until I see how recent the topics are.

  22. I wish the government would give me 300000 so I could study hookers on cocaine to see if their promiscuous

  23. https://youtu.be/k_PHsvGu5hc What journalism should cover.

    He’s got plenty of videos.

  24. Grew up with shutdowns….no biggie….never did anything about it either

  25. I hate the woman commercial on this video.get your bike and roll.good fucking luck.bad message to women.

  26. I’m a farmer, and I’m tired of forced subsidies, taxes, and a government that’s overblown and useless!

  27. I always liked the Reagan quip ' Let's shut down the government , and see how long it takes anyone to notice ' ?

  28. I find coked out Japanese quail sex more useful then the entirety of government.

  29. One thing I love about this person is that he doesn’t take a side. He doesn’t announce conservative values or libertarian values. He just says what he thinks makes sense. Even if I may disagree, I can agree to disagree with a person looking to find the truth and what is right, rather than agree in general with a person who only does so because of the party he’s affiliated with.

  30. My mom is government employed and she was freaking out because she was worried she wasn't going to get payed on time to pay her rent. She was panicking. She has severe anxiety, and it's especially bad with money. So it was a crisis for her.

  31. The government is a bunch of cucks who value themselves too much

  32. “They have to better or they could be fired. Government never fires itself” 💡 Ah Ha!

  33. You never answered the REAL QUESTION,

    Are Japanese quail more sexually promiscuous on cocaine.

  34. The only thing the government does well is the military. It takes the government 60 days to make minute rice…Go to any office and try to convince them you ARENT DEAD…But the system says you are so you must be…

  35. I was genuinely sad when the government opened back up

  36. Not that I don't agree with the idea of this video, but I think it's worth clarifying that in the link you refer to that discusses the FDA, it does not say that 80% of food inspections are done by the Agriculture Department. It says 80% is done by the FDA.

  37. I'm a stossel fan but This is one of his dumber videos…no mention of what would happen in a major shutdown when the us defaults in its interest payments and gets downgraded. Goodbye dollar

  38. The only one who is essential is YHWH/Y'SHUA (GOD/Jesus) the rest of us can be replaced with a word. the best thing to do is to be able humble servant and leave the thinking to YHWH.

  39. The only good thing San Francisco has is the part where you leave the place through the airport 😆

  40. lol @ the lady that was chanting "we are all essential" being a part of a union. You are definitely not essential lmfao.

  41. President Donald Trump shutdown the government for a We the People, very different than Obama shutting down the government against We the People.

  42. You know what it is it's a crisis for the rich that live in Washington that works for the government that's a crisis that's the outcry but your regular American people can live without the government just simple laws no greed that's all we need but they say that because they need the government to be snooping up our butts all the time

  43. All these leeches complain about the government shutdown because they're not getting paid. It's not governments job to give YOU a job.

  44. "Anyone else forget the government was shut down?" Well, I can tell you some people who didn't forget, the members of the United States Coast Guard and their families. When the government was shut down, they didn't get paid, but were still expected to risk their lives to rescue boneheads like you. This went on for weeks.

    There are many more examples like this, including others who risk their necks for the ungrateful slobs that sit in their jammies and pull [email protected]$$ comments out of their arses. Yes, government is too big. You want smaller government? Expect less from government. I don't mean less intrusion. I mean less stuff.

  45. I didn't feel a thing, I wish the Federal Government would dry up and blow away!

  46. I know farmers who get those subsidies. they use it to buy new machinery every year and by the way one tractor can cost 400 grand and ridiculous stuff like that.

  47. The majority of federal and state workers are entitled leeches and don’t care about serving anything or anyone but themselves. They are lazy and mentally challenged.

  48. Get rid of 3/4 of government workers and make Congress paid by punching time clock that can be viewed by anyone at any time no work no check no job

  49. They spend my tax dollars on fucking quail and still expect me to not find a bypass on taxes? Ridiculous

  50. Government is the problem. Shut down 80% of government jobs and the economy will boom!!!

  51. the shutdown proves why people need to have money saved to cover at least 6 months worth of expenses. also government workers are paid really well so they should blame themselves for not managing their money correctly

  52. Get rid of government and hire private sector workers to do the work. 1/5 of the people will do it. all the work.

  53. The fact that the federal government even functions at all is do to the private sector supplying it with funds.

  54. My wife is a GS worker; she went they shutdowns during the Obama admin and then the Trump admin. She ALWAYS got paid, and on time.

  55. We are the most powerful country on earth ,but we have a quad-annual hissy fit everytime we elect a new president

  56. Yes. The government shut downs are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t wait for another one

  57. I bet if privatization took over cities like Detroit or Baltimore completely, then those places would look like Disneyland.

  58. The government shuts down every weekend and for most bank holidays. Well over 100 days/year. No one seems to notice.

  59. Great video! I think the same thing when there are government shutdowns. My life is not affected in anyway. I didnt know the workers still get paid for doing nothing. Pretty ridiculous!

  60. Government is best the tool of last resort, when all else fails. When it's used as the first tool, it causes all to fail.

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