Government Grants Scams

The Federal Government Grant Scam has been
around for years that claims that you can qualify to receive a free grant to pay for
education costs, home repairs, or unpaid bills. Sometimes it’s a phone call claiming to be
a government agency with an official sounding name. The scammer follows a general script. They identify themselves as a representative
of the Government Grant Administration. The caller then leads you to believe you’ve
been selected to receive a free grant. In order to receive your money they need your
bank account number and personal information. “Hi Mrs. Stenson. My name is Michael with the U.S. Federal Grant
Administration. Because you pay your income taxes on time,
you’ve been awarded a free $12,000 government grant. Congratulations. In order to get your grant we need your checking
account information and we’ll direct deposit the grant into your bank account immediately.” Just because the caller says he’s from the
Government Grants Administration doesn’t mean that he is. There is no such government agency. In fact, you’ll never see the money they promise. And they will disappear with either your money
or identity or both. A government agency won’t request that you
pay a processing fee for a grant you’ve been awarded. Scammers pressure you to divulge your personal
and bank account information so they can steal your money. Always keep your bank account confidential. Don’t share it unless you are familiar with
the company and know why the information is necessary. If you think you may have been the victim
of a government grant scam, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. When it comes to fraud, vigilance is our number
one weapon. You have the power to protect yourself and
your loved ones from scams. To learn more about these and other types
of frauds, visit us at aarp.org/FraudWatchNetwork

Stephen Childs


  1. I used to get harassed by these scammers on several occasions. It was always someone with an Indian accent. For some reason they acted real impatient and hostile even when I was polite to them. Of why I don't know. I tried telling them I never applied for any grants. They called me at such inconvenient times. Sometimes at work at 1pm or as early as 6:45am. I asked them if they realized what time it is. Didn't mean anything to them. Does anyone know why they are so impatient?

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