Government auctioning off criminals’ bitcoin

Stephen Childs


  1. Government steals fake, fiat currency, then sells it… Giving the fake money value. Buy gold silver and guns people.

  2. If I can't pile it on the bed and roll around in it then what good is it? 🤷‍♂️

  3. $200,000 to enter the bidding? Sounds like some shady thing international criminals and billionaires would only be into. Kinda weird

  4. Stealing money that is not backed by anything & selling it for actual money…. Isn't that called theft! Last I checked, theft was a crime….

  5. You can't do anything unless the government puts its hand in it, to make sure that you stay in the low class.
    Once again the rich who will get a richer and the poor poorer.

  6. In the future government will be slang for gang and politician will be slang for thug. "Man you robbed them like a cold blooded politician. Our government run this hood."

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    The best insurance is storing wealth outside of the financial system:


    Ciber attacks can wipeout all your digital assets!! 

    How do you hold CRYPTOCURRENCIES  in a grid down scenario? which taking into consideration world affairs today is not a matter of if but when..

    If Cryptourrencies are the future why are countries stockpiling gold and silver?

    Thanks but no thanks! 

    I'll take my chances with gold silver and ammo, at least I can touch em every day..


    Zero debt ultra low stress is becoming the new luxury.. 😉

  9. Didn’t they regulate the silver market 🤔
    Didn’t the DOJ call J.P. Morgan a criminal enterprise regarding their metal trading

  10. Regulation of cryptocurrency defeats the purpose of using Cryptocurrency. People who don't understand that are colossally stupid.

  11. Hey McAfee, since you blocked me on Twitter (Man you can dish it out, but can't take it CRYBABY) you put your bid in yet? Not that you're a criminal on the run for shooting your neighbor. I wouldn't touch bitcoin with McAfee's imaginary 10 foot pole.

  12. I would stop bitcoin , I believe that I am better than China or Russia America I would be a good president

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