Gidley on Trump saying he would accept info from a foreign government

Stephen Childs


  1. Did Lindsey Graham complain when his buddy, John McCain, sent a messenger to England to get a hard copy of a dossier originating from Russia?

  2. They even wheeled out "pure as the driven snow" Willard "Mitt" Romney to express his "shock and dismay."

  3. Nadler, Schiff and Pelosi not only want a redo on the Mueller dossier, they want a redo of the 2016 election and Hillary in the Oval Office.

  4. Welll….if somebody give you dirt on a opposition or anybody, you have to think whether it is disinformation. So shouldn't you think first before taking any action? Common sense anybody?

  5. If somebody says, "psst!" And they aren't an American, it is criminal to listen to their words that they have a right to speak.

  6. Hogan Gidley, you are a joke! Now you are calling Trump and his own statement "Fake News".

  7. And nobody else would do that give me a break Hilary and the dnc was paying for dirt on trump.

  8. Clearly, the Dems would cover their ears, and babble nonsense so loudly that they couldn't hear anything.

  9. Yeah, George, I'd report it to the FBI … just like you and the Clinton's do.

  10. Obviously, Trump was saying he wasn't going to go running to the FBI whenever he heard an unsubstantiated rumor.

  11. George is still a sly snake. Who would let him in the door with a camera?

  12. BERNIE SANDERS FOR 2020! AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, MIKE GRAVEL & TULSI GABBARD, Ilhan Omar, Ro Khanna, Raul Paul, Katie Halper – ALL CARING HUMANISTS & TRUTH SPEAKERS! Fox should get Ed Schultz, Jerry Springer, Jimmy Dore, Kyle Kulinski, Lee Camp, David Doel, David Degraw, Jesse Ventura – real news reporters, rather than news readers. THE PEOPLE WANT THE REAL NEWS! Like they show on RT America, Democracy Now!, The Jimmy Dore Show, The Real News Network, The Rational National.

  13. "so, we want to impeach him, for something that he haven't yet done, ok" ?
    ok, fair enough dems. you're all evil retardeds anyway.
    Give us more of that so we can clean 2020 for more 4 years.

  14. As usual, the screaming loons on the left (DNC) and MSM intentionally take things out of context to create yet another tempest in a teacup.

    President Trump took on oath to support and defend the US Constitution and country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. With a very real enemy of both being domestic in the form of the DNC, its puppet masters, and leftist drones, it is only prudent and wise to examine any information available thst might thwart said enemys agenda. Of course, any intel from any actor must be examined and verified before allowing such to figure into the equation and he already knew that.

  15. all the news media needs re-doing from the bottom up to the owners or they should all quit their jobs since no one is doing a good job

  16. It's NOT illegal, to listen to some information that hasn't been solicited. If a member of a foreign Government rang Trump UNSOLICITED, there is nothing wrong with him listening to it. There's only something wrong if he then USES the information, and doesn't report it to the FBI!!!

  17. Pelosi is just as much a criminal as Trump but not as brazen as Trump! She needs to be impeached for her reluctance to do her job! When that Fascist orange buffoon super slinky swamp lizard stomp on the US Constitution and slap the American people in the face! Fascist Trump has committed treason and is a traitor to the American people and the US Constitution! Forget impeachment! Arrest Fascist Trump, his nepotism nest of vipers, his cabinets, and any Congressmen that support this orange buffoon clown! Put Trump on trial and deport him to North Korea to be with his lover Kim Jung-un! Put his children in prison to provide free labor for the rest of their lives! If Pelosi wants to do her job in defending the US Constitution and the American people if not then she should be impeached by the American people! Don't need any Republicans or Democrats but the American people need to do their US Constitutional duty and throw Trump out of the White House and into the jailhouse! Mortem Democrotia in mi tempus! Fox the real fake news and you can get the full clip at ABC. Stop your lying and dow2nright traitorous broadcast! Fox news is a network of pathological liars and should be arrested for crimes against humanity! It's really amazing watching the whole interview and then hear the lies and fake news your corrupt corporation spews out! The American people need to shut you down and throw you in prison! Hogan Gidley is another Fascist lying scandal for a scandalous Joseph Goebbels school of propaganda AKA Fox News!

  18. Latest Gidley Republican fake conspiracy. Dems are actually lizard people bent on propagating socialist tyranny on godly white Americans. It's an absolute fact. Believe it because you are a patriot.


  20. This guy can lie to himself while looking himself in the mirror…..

  21. Trump cannot answer ANY question straightforward, because the FAKE NEWS MEDIA is always setting traps for him. He must answer facetiously, even sarcastically. To the question of accepting foreign intelligence, Trump SHOULD have answered, "Only if Nancy and Chuck approve it. And what the HELL kind of STUPID question is THAT???"

  22. Republican base, don’t ever show your noses in Los Angeles, or we will kick your sordid racist asses. You are the biggest scumbuckets in America, stay out of California!

  23. This is news? Talking and receiving information is the business of the President, FBI, in fact, everyone in the government. Sounds to me like a lot of incumbents are afraid of being found out. The fear in Washington has been so high since Trump took over that I wish something would break. Tired of all the propaganda from the politicians, both sides but especially heavy with the Democrats where hate is burning like a bon fire.

  24. If you're smart, you don't need to tell people you're a genius. If you're honest, you don't need to tell people that you're honest. If you're a patriot, you don't need to go around hugging a flag. You know a patriot by his actions, not by his flag waving or hugging. Like everything else he does, Trump is the opposite of what he says: he's a traitor. You can stop with the Gaslighting, Fox, we all saw the clip, we all heard what he said.

  25. This is the sort of struggling desperation one would expect of a frantic drowner thrashing about in a swamp. Gulp. Gulp🐊

  26. Win, win, win……loyalty & patriotism sounds nice but its better to win, win, win!

  27. Dear Foxnews, quit being a GASLIGHTING machine for NARCISSISTIC leaders and idiots who clearly eat your bullsh$&. Please and thanks. Love…the rest of America!

  28. Facts are facts, I would accept verifiable facts from anybody, why the hell not?

  29. Let’s see the Trump supporters use their imagination to defend the president time lol

  30. The dossier was compiled by a private citizen, who was not a representive ofg a foreign government. He is no different than any private consultant hired by the GOP or the Dems to gather information on political opponents. Again, Steele, who compiled the dossier IS NOT a foreign agent, but a private, professional investigator…who, by the way, was initially hired by the GOP to gather information.

  31. So this is the fourth story on the same subject on YouTube trending list in 2 days it's almost like they're trying to push anti Trump propaganda I mean it's not as if Obama and Hillary took information from Britain and Australia and Germany to use against Trump but let's not talk about that

  32. What non treasonous American would not accept information from a foreign nation of wrong doing by an American that would cause harm against America, then report it to the FBI maybe, to the CIA for sure. If we are looking for a wrong doing person committing treason lets get hands on Hillary Clinton on the stand. George Snuffleupagus needs to pull his head out and address crooked Hillary.


  34. What a discussion! Schiff tried to get Russian pics of "naked Trump" to give to the FBI.


  36. George Stephanopholos thought he'd slip a sly one on The Donald to set up controversy for 2020 .. this was a stupid hypothetical demorat trick! And the prez is trolling Stepho right back! How stupid to think that you couldn't listen to something but must just call the FBI immediately because a foreigner is talking to you … they might be trying to compromise you – call the cops! FBI comes – the foreigner says "I wanted to find out where to buy a hamburger" .. big kafuffle over nothing. This was a word trap and dems are so triggered you could tell them anything and they wanna "IMPEACH ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!"

  37. Since 2005, the Australian government has 'donated' 115 million $ to the Clinton campaign coffers – which includes 60 million $ from our equivalent of the US Republican Party…

  38. the only one worth listening to on fox is Chris Wallace, the others remind of third world countries press, btw I'm from and living in a third world country

  39. Radicalized Dems SWAMP wants to dictate how POTUS TRUMP should talk or not talk. Dems can vomit all the garbage they want via their mouth offend anyone in their path then pretend they don't eat with the same mouth they defecate. They can dish it but can not take it. Losers.

  40. I watched the full clip. He said he would collude and encouraged it. Impeach and imprison!

  41. I want to know what Obama, HRC, Podesta, Pelosi and Kerry have been up to in their travels and would be prepared to listen listen to anyone who has information on their treachery.

  42. These clowns are absolutely ridiculous..keep using the same talking points everyday

  43. So every dem, liberal, socialist would absolutely refuse to listen to Russian gossi.. who are they kidding? Of course they would listen & use it. STOP DENYING IT, YOU HAVE LISTENED.

  44. This president is shaming himself, without Democrats help. Gidley you are a soulless stooge for a corrupt political party. Your lust for power blinds you.

  45. Traitor!!! Traitor!!! Maggot!!! Lowlife!!! M.F'er. Jail the bastard!!!

  46. The woeful lack of common sense among the President's detractors is breath-taking. We expect the Democrat-owned media to express hate but Graham didn't listen/watch the president make the comment. I did and it was perfectly clear that if he thought something was illegal, he would likely contact the FBI.

  47. Lindsey Graham did not listen to the whole interview. President Trump said it is DIFFERENT for a President. It is his responsibility to protect the Country. He meets with all leaders of other Countries.

  48. It doesn't matter what the president do or say the Democratic Party and its organization would pounce on it ,the Democratic Party are the same ones that do the same thing they used the report from Christopher Steele to lie on president the Democratic Party is a disgrace to the American people.

  49. This shill actually said trump said he would give information over to the FBI if he thought something was wrong. He is completely missing the point or intentionally attempting to circumvent it. Point is, simply receiving the information according to the law obligates the receiver of said information to contact the FBI.

  50. Oh ! How did we get here in the first place ?. Well , let’s look at the oranges , shall we ?


  52. He should print all the dirt about Hillary on leaflets in full color print
    and dump them from a helicopter over every blue States capital.

  53. Old Donnie has been shouting "NO COLLUSION" for a couple of years and NOW he makes it clear he's ready to collude at the drop of a hat.

  54. "No collusion! But I would totally collude if somebody wants to collude. Russia, if you're listening….."

  55. There is simply no way around it, Trump was speaking as the voice of experience on collusion. The FBI director was wrong. Taking campaign from a ruthless cutthroat like Putin is just fine. It worked last time so why not do it again? Our electorate has taken note of his perfectly clear confession.

  56. 1. Christopher Steele is not how we knew about the Trump tower meeting
    2. Some of the dossier was confirm as true.
    3. Paying a foreign person for information is okay. Getting it for a foreign GOVERNMENT is different and not okay.
    4. The investigation was started before the dossier and not based on it at all.
    This guy is such a liar.

  57. Fox's business plan = kissing the fat traitor's behind and peddling adult diapers to his fans

  58. There is a reason why the orange clown in chief doesn't do many non-Fox interviews, and it's because he's so dumb that he tells the truth about his crooked thoughts…if there's any transparency from this clown, it's only because he's put his foot in his mouth. Now his Fox mouthpieces are trying to clean up his mess by deflecting and going down their own rabbit hole.

  59. It is a theoretical situation! He didn't do it! Hillary DID!!!! GET OVER IT! THEORETICAL MEANS IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! THIS SHOULD NOT BE NEWS 24/7!!!!!!!

  60. I wander what trump and his follower would say if China decided to seriously help the democrats win the 2020 elections…

  61. One side said it, the other side did it — and now saying something is worse than doing it.

  62. lol how to get sjw the msm and democrats toprove your point for you..

  63. I just love seeing the bu//$hit fox spin. It just amazes me what trumpkins will believe.

  64. We already know he'd do it cause he already has….Drump just admitted to being guilty of treason….
    That's not my president….I like presidents who aren't traitors.

  65. Comment section is looking empty today.

    No crazy evangelicals with the "GoD bLeSS PreZident TrUmP!❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸"

    I wonder why that is……..

  66. Thank god the fox star business is now owned by Disney in atleast South Asia otherwise it would be shameful for South Asian to support that crooked fox business blindly working on behalf of Trump

  67. Thats what Traitors do to their own Country , his allegiance lies with Russia like Fox News does , Traitors all of ya .

  68. He did not say he would ACCEPT it.He said he'd listen.
    At this point, haters howl at anything he says, so…

  69. Hillay Clinton would balls to face no to Putin.
    But instead, Bone Spurs is a sell out who only licks Putin's Testis!!!

  70. Come on really?! All presidents do it its just never brought up. The CIA, FBI or the president himself would be foolish not to consider listening to volunteered information from any country including our own. It does not mean they need to return any information but you would have to listen to it and then weigh it out. It would be stupid not to, especially if it ended up having something to do with national security. You have to listen to the information, weigh it out and if its nothing, good, but if it is something and we failed to protect people involved or out them if its a legal issue, there could be even big consequences. The president and the FBI, actually do information gathering every day anyway and have for decades. Its called securtiy, why is it an issue now…because its Trump.

  71. America needs to VOTE OUT this incompetent, LYING piece of shite trump in 2020!!!!!

  72. COMRADE trump our LIAR IN CHIEF, Draft Dodger, CROOK and TRAITOR to the USA!!!!!!

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