Game Theory: Why Ridley is Smash’s Deadliest Fighter! (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

Stephen Childs


  1. Ridley can u kill my bully
    Ridley where is all my bullies
    Ridley:they're all in hell with satan

  2. Women after giving birth:you will never understend my pain

    Some brawler after getting mashed by ridley on big blue:he he sorry

  3. dont forget that ridley is almost slouching and his body is always bent so he could do more damage

  4. You should try this theroy in real life to make sure your information is accurate matpat.

  5. Can we use super sonic as proof in this game to show that he can travel faster than the speed of sound

  6. They nerfed that attack a lot. But, all the smash characters get a lot more durability.

  7. Well to be fair it is in character for Riddly he is a space pirate known for massacres including samus's family

  8. No? Nobody cares about when Kirby turns into a 100t weight and drops on top of you? No?

  9. Am I the only one that likes the narrated episodes than these green screen ones?

    I know it’s easier to make, filler, and have less editing, but I still preferred the others

    Not hating or anything🤗

  10. Ridley`s down b is also deadly stabbing the opponent making Ridley like a xenomorph also maybe he is the xenomorph`s brother THATS JUST A FILM AND GAME THEORY

  11. You should have used the taunt they makes Ridley not slouch so u can get an accurate height and not the height I got

  12. Here’s a fun thing do do as Ridley got to the stage super Mario the arcade one and drag a opponent

  13. Pokemon: I'm the deadliest and darkest game in Nintendo
    Smash bros: let me stop you right there

  14. Oh my god, I was listening to the intro and a fox in my garden started yelping IN TUNE, 🤣

  15. Actually 13 x 50 + 30.02 mph which 13 x 50 = 650 mph + 30.02 mph = 680.02 mph or 0.88 Mach.

  16. If ridaly is the fastest in the game but sonic goes 8 x the speed of sound.

  17. And metal sonic from sonic the hedgehog goose 35x the speed of sound and ravens soul from teen titans flies 36x the speed of sound.

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