AFTER THIS DARK SECRET GOT SHATTERED ON AIR new legal developments on this Christmas Eve
a legal battle against special counsel robert muller apparently has now reached the Supreme
Court political reporting an unidentified firm presented an
application Saturday to Chief Justice John Roberts asking for a stay of a
federal appeals court ruling that turned down the company’s efforts to block a grand jury
subpoena for records bringing Ashley merchant on this federal white-collar criminal defense attorney actually
trying to quash subpoenas not that unusual clearing entire floors of courthouses
for the arguments over trying to quash subpoenas and then the making of this them to the Supreme
Court on Christmas Eve pretty unusual definitely clearing the
courthouse clearing the entire floor definitely unusual and an extreme step telling us that
they are very much trying to keep everything out of the public
limelight out of scrutiny but going to the Supreme Court on Christmas Eve going to the
Supreme Court a few days before the holiday and getting a stay
that’s not that unusual because what the supreme court is basically saying they’re not ruling one way or another
this isn’t indicative of the outcome what they’re saying is we need more time we need
everything the status quo to stop we need it to stop and we need
to have a few days to look at this and so they’ve given a deadline for the parties to
submit their briefs so they’ve got a few more days to submit their
briefs and then they’ll decide whether or not they want to consider this and the first
step with the Supreme Court is going to be whether or not they even
want to review the district court’s ruling whether they not they want to review this actual ruling and then if they
decide they want to review it then they can get into the merits and determine whether
or not they want to to rule is we have learned so often trying to
break down these rulings these filings involving the Muller investigation it’s often like looking
at a white piece of paper with large black boxes
on it emphasis on large in that case any telltale phrases anything that you’ve been able to
pull out of any of these filings that strikes you that could give us some kind of insight without
speculation yes doctor when I reviewed the pleadings and the order actually reviewed
the court’s order and then I reviewed the Supreme Court
documents where they were asking for review and what I think is telling is that this foreign
corporation what they’re arguing is they’re arguing that they’re
immune and the reason they’re saying that they are immune is that their own government’s
laws entitled to them to some type of protection meaning that
their own government’s laws say that they are not subject to subpoena so what
that tells me is these are some type of documents most likely financial possibly banking something
that the government has a role in actually running
this business this corporation so it’s some type of a government-backed business much
like in America where we have the FDIC we have a banking system but
we’ve also got federal government inter involvement in that and we also got some type of privacy
laws that see whether the piece that I see without speculating
there are countries involved as adversaries if you will to the United States whose government
government core corporate in interactions or perhaps much much tighter than what you suggest between
the FDIC and the US government actually appreciate you being with us thanks so much merry Christmas
to youMand thank you Merry Christmas it’s been
more than a year and a half and the tune of 25 million dollars since the Muller probe
began and still we haven’t seen any actual proof of collusion with
Russia as 2018 comes to a close robert muller could release his final findings as soon as february so what could be in that
report and will this probe finally come to an end judicial watch president tom Fitton
has been following the investigation since the
very beginning and he joins us now to break it all down you’re a real sport coming on
the day after Christmas time we Merry Christmas merry Christmas to you
we’ve tried so many times to predict when this thing will wrap up what do you think
right now I don’t think it’s going to wrap up in any
traditional sense of the word even if there’s an interim report given to
the acting Attorney General the Attorney General at the time I think it’s just going to be a vehicle continuing vehicle or
enemies of the President to harass the president and you have internal enemies of the president
where you’ve got the deep state in the Justice Department
the FBI etc and now you’ve got this impeachment effort that is going to be pushed by the House
and Muller I think is effectively a vehicle for
impeachment fantasies of the House Democrats and so it’s just continue to it’s going to
continue to harass the president you know when you look back at the
past year you’ve had two major indictments against Russians and Russia entities
with with specifically no evidence of collusion with Americans you’ve got bias against the
president proven that led to the firing of two FBI
agents or at least one Peter struck you’ve had removal of you had the exposure of the
FISA bias and abuse the FISA courts being abused the targeting
of Don of mr. general Flynn all sorts of activities by the Special Counsel that in any other period
of our time if fear of our history would lead to its
shutting shutting down and if I were the president I would I would authorize and tell the Justice
Department to shut it down if he doesn’t do it through the Justice Department he should take legal action
to get it shut down because this Nis just harassment at this point Tom you
know it has been going on forever and at ome point you know people in the public
get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again that at some point they kind of
start to tune it out what do you think could be in this report or would
need to be in as a report what type of bombshell and do you think there’s a bombshell that
exists that would really get people’s attention the Moller Special
Counsel operation specializes in innuendo and I think if they say the word Russia enough they can somehow prove
the case that the Trump campaign was in bed with Russian and illicit or illegal way and
I just don’t see anything beyond that in a report where in
Prior for instance in the iterations of the Michael Cohen plea deals and such you hear
the word Russia broached a lot but it’s a distraction from the fundamental
issue about whether or not the president or his team colluded
the Russians in an inappropriate way to steal the election and it just hasn’t happened so
what he’ll say is that you had people associated with the campaign who may or may have not have had ties with the Russians
and so because they had ties with the Russians it may mean something that’s not going to
be satisfying for most Americans which as you point out is why
most Americans were already tuned mulher out yeah what about guys like Adam Schiff that
that have actually basically said or insinuated that they that
there is collusion and that they have seen it but they they weren’t able
to say exactly what it is we’ve heard statements like we’re stoked that the collusion has been between the shift’ Democrats
initially the Clintons and the dossei authors of fusion GPS and Russia intelligence so you
say ship is just lying I think ship is Miss characterizing
the evidence that’s for sure that is definitely for sure there he knows
there’s no collusion and so he thinks by talking about Muller all the time people will think
there’s collusion the fact there’s a mullet roll and anti-trump
it’s not a sign that he’s investigating anything substantive that’s the core corruption issue
facing us in 2019 a special council investigating nothing these things last forever though I
don’t think this is an incredible investigation
it continues Tom thank you so much for your time you’re welcome Trump versus the resistance
now as the mole or witch hunt continues there’s still
no evidence of any Trump Russia collusion so ask yourself why was the Michael Cohen
filing done on the eve of this high-stakes g20 summit this is not the
first time this has happened remember the Paul Manafort indictment George papadopolis
guilty plea both announced just days before the president left
for a historic 12 day trip to Asia and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders she said
today that the probe may be hurting the u.s. ties with Moscow all suggesting that the Special Counsel may
be trying to derail the Trump presidency in more ways than one joining us now with reaction
author of the bestseller Trump’s America the truth about
our nation’s great comeback Fox News contributor and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich
you know one of the things everyone you talked about the success
of Trump your book but then you also have the warnings warnings warnings what the president
needs to be aware of obviously I stand on my original premise Muller’s out
for blood Muller picked this team of Democratic donors even Clinton’s old lawyer at the
foundation Andrew Weissman and company for a reason he is called he wants to hurt the
president as badly as he can that’s why he’s offering all these get-out-of-jail-free
cards if you just say whatever we want you to say look I I think we ought to quit talking
about the Muller investigation and start talking about
the Muller Trump destruction project because it’s very clear that
Muller and his left-wing lawyers are methodically doing everything they can to destroy the president
and in effect to create a non Justice Department because this is not justice a non Justice Department coup d’etat in which they
undo the votes of the American people and they pile enough junk and then that’s it that’s
what all the stuff is they pile enough junk around that they
just gradually overwhelmed President Trump and I think if you start and you look at everything
they’ve been doing and you said you know from day one this
was never about Russian collusion this was never about finding the truth
this was about a methodical effort to destroy president Trump by any means necessary and
you look at some of the things that are getting indictments on I
mean again somebody goes and lies to the Congress that’s stupid they deserve to be indicted
I’m not in any way defending Cohen but they were lying
about stuff that wasn’t a crime it’s the point that Andy McCarthy keeps making as a former
Justice Department lawyer that none of the underlying patterns
were crimes people are allowed to be in business people are allowed to do deals people allowed
to do lots of stuff and yet what you get of course is the
headline in the elite media that somehow this is another terrible blow to Trump what it
really is is further proof that Muller’s interest is in destroying the
Trump president see and your point is exactly right they had no reason to release this as
the president goes to an important meeting in Argentina with 19 other world leaders I
mean this is sort of like undermining America for partisan reasons you’ve been in the minority
in Congress and you were the speaker in Congress a lot easier to be the speaker I’m just guessing
although you take a lot more incoming let’s be honest you took all you took your
fair share so we don’t have an agenda the Democrats in the house all they’re saying
endless endless endless investigation Nancy Pelosi’s first
agenda item she announced earlier today oh release Donald Trump’s taxes now that’s not
going anywhere in the Senate a good thing the president went out to campaign
very hard to keep the Senate because that’s going to help him but
it’s still the intention what I don’t see an agenda to serve the American people well
remember Shaun this is what people have to understand there’s a 1923
law which allows the chair of the Ways and Means Committee to request the tax returns
of any American so I can imagine a circumstance with the new chairman at the Liberal Democrat
will exercise his legal right the Internal Revenue Service will
turn over the Trump tax returns which are supposedly secret and the release of which
would be a felony and then by some magic method that all of us will
be shocked at they’ll turn out on page one of the New York Times so I would not mean
these people are playing for blood this is more like the terror and
the French Revolution than it is like traditional American politics they
will do anything break any rules and I think break any law if I’ll enable them to get Donald
Trump thank you god bless you and God bless america

Stephen Childs


  1. The only collusion is with muller himself the proof of his involvement with uranium one deal. Himself and Hillary both got paid in that deal

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