From Blue Fever Founders : Happy Holidays 💙🔥🎄

Hi guys I’m Greta and I’m Lauren and we
are founders of Blue Fever and we are saying happy holidays no matter what you
celebrate or don’t celebrate! We are wishing you a happy holiday from Los
Angeles, California where it is 80 degrees and we have our
tree up in the house uh-huh. We’re wearing sweaters, but whatever. ‘Cause why would we wear- they don’t really have Christmas tank tops and tube tops and I don’t have a tan ever soooo. So we started this this fall it’s been a wild ride Lauren and I started Blue Fever to
change the way that women see themselves and the world sees us from
all the text messages we’ve been getting back from you guys it’s definitely clear
that that is happening and we just you know we’re we’re talking to 17 thousand of you. We just hit 17,000 – do you know how crazy that is because we started like less
than four months ago doing this text message thi- with like 30 phone numbers
mainly like our moms. Yeah we were like spamming our friends. And they were like I don’t even, what are you guys doing. But we are we’re so excited to
have you on board like we’re talking to so many of you and trust us you are all
incredible. And if you ever doubt that just watch this video again. Also this is
not the end of the journey -yeah- this is just the beginning of the journey ’cause our goal
one day is to actually personalize Blue Fever text messages for you so that
we’re like -on an individual level- yeah so that we’re like your best
friend in your pocket no matter what you’re going through we have a video and
a little piece of advice for you whether it’s like you’re studying for
finals or you’re going through a breakup or you have PMS or you have a friend fight
or you’ve got a job promotion. I mean whatever it might be we want to be there
for you and make sure that it’s really specific to your life. So hang in
there with us, give us feedback in comments we love hearing from you please text us. If you are one of the ones out there who texts all time thank
you that’s really helping us learn -hey boo- and if you’ve never done that before
just reach out tell us what you think and we’re learning from that every
single day we love hearing from you especially your reactions to video. I mean I can’t even tell you it was so crazy when you guys started to text back we were at
like 200 people and we’re like omg what’s happening and now we’re like almost a 20,000 it’s it’s
crazy so happy holidays -thank you- thank you thank you so much we are so lucky to
be on this journey with you and so blessed and we can’t wait for 2018 it’s
gonna be awesome! Bye! Bye!

Stephen Childs


  1. You guys have such a lovely vision!! Very humble and a unique concept! I love when I get texts from you and can’t wait to see what you come up with! Thank you ❤️ merry Christmas girls!

  2. Thank you for making this. I love seeing your daily vids. Whenever I’m sad, you’re the first person I text xx. You brighten my day. Thank you❤️

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