Fox News Wishes Viewers “Happy Holidays” After Bill O’Reilly’s Christmas Rant

Here’s the big picture. The secular progressive agenda is
opposed by many people of faith. abortion gay marriage legalize drugs, all
of those things are opposed by many religious americans. That is why some far let folks wanna
diminish Judeo-Christian tradition and rename the Christmas Tree the Holiday Tree. The less Christmas, the
better. The secular people are now more powerful
than ever, their guy has been reelected and opposing
forces are scattered. That’s what’s going on in America on
December 13th 2012. and that’s a memo. Next on the rundown; we’ll have reaction from Bob Beckel our anger among the region called toward america wherever i could tell the other U.S.
Marine incarcerated Mexico for absolutely no reason at all this is
outrageous for trying and released. We’ll be back in a moment.

Stephen Childs

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