Fish World Monthly #4 – Holiday Edition! (December)

Hohoho, hello FishWorlders, it’s great to
see you again! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we’ve got lots in
store for our fans. Our elves have been working so hard to make this December
season the best yet at Fish World and finally it’s time to unwrap some of the
gifts we have for you! Huh! What’s this? it’s the Gifting Tree Event! If you’ve
been online in the past week then you’ve already snuck a peek at this exciting
month-long event but let’s quickly talk about what makes it so much fun. You can
get an awesome surprise each and every day just by clicking your tree and
opening one of the doors! You’ll also get candy which you can collect by opening
more of these, and visiting tanks to open a special Christmas box for a chance at
one of many new prizes. Keep coming back and opening a door each day to increase
the amount of items you get inside your Christmas gift box. You won’t want to
miss a single day because there’s something very special behind the 28th
door. We know from scavenger hunts that
players love to visit each other during events, but not everyone keeps their
first tank tidy. With this event the Christmas tree you receive can be placed
in any tank you choose including the deluxe tank you get for free which you
can decorate for other players to come visit from the event window. When you
visit random event tanks belonging to Fish Worlders, and like them, you’ll
collect even more candy. So, get collecting candy and opening your
Christmas boxes all month long and see how many items you can unlock! Oh a
Christmas card! I love Christmas cards thank you! But… this one’s blank! Our friend Goldie needs your help. Each
year Goldie tries to find the best Christmas card to send out to all his
fishy friends and family but he needs players’ inspiration. So once you’ve
chosen your Christmas event tank and started decorating, why not submit it to
a fun contest for the chance at a January premium Pass, or other Fishbuck
prizes? Decorate your tank around your Christmas event tree making sure it’s
fully visible inside. When you’re happy with your tank, copy your tank link and
submit it before December 21st. The contest and event are happening in Fish World right now. For more information about them check out the links in the
description of this video. Ooo! Another gift! Apparently you’ve all
been really good this year. Why don’t we “reveal” what’s inside? You
guys know how this one goes, flip two cards a day and match them for all kinds
of retro holiday content and rewards. As you flip cards throughout the month your
board will unveil a festive prize and that’s just the start of all the great
things we have planned in December so, to tell us more about themes, let’s chat
with Angela and Vanessa! Hi I’m Angela I’ve been with the company and with the
Fish World team for five years now, and I have a classical background in fine arts
and I do a lot of the decoration illustration for the game, I also do some
animations. And I’m Vanessa I’ve been with the company and Fish World for five and a
half years, I’m an animator and an artist, you’ll know me from things like the
complex animations for transformations, the marshies, and recently the Goldie
update. Well we just wrapped up Holiday at the
Lodge, and then after that we’re revisiting Victorian Christmas, and then
after that we’ll be going to an Icy Realm, followed by Christmas Eve, and
then we’ll be doing our annual New Year’s Eve theme! I would say the Victorian Christmas
theme because it’s classic its traditional and it’s full of a lot of
warm decorations, and it’ll be nice to do a revisit of that one. Mm-hmm I always
like revisiting themes. Yeah me too. Yeah For me I would have to say the Icy
Realms theme, I’ve already done the color palette for that theme and it’s looking
really nice, lots of like nice icy blues, I’m looking forward to doing
some sparkly new icicles and all kinds of new mystical creatures. Very cool! Well,
I’m a huge dog lover, so I have quite a few puppies and dogs that I really want
to draw this coming season, so I’m really excited to do lots of research looking
on Google images for different puppies, and then get to draw them! Yeah that’ll
be really cute! Yeah for me since I mentioned the Victorian Christmas we
have a classic Victorian era Sherlock Holmes planned and I want to use the
opportunity to make Benedict Cumberbatch so I’m really excited for that. I have a
feeling that would be popular. Yeah I think so too.
I would say Icy Realms because it’s a classic fantasy theme meets winter and
it reminds me a lot of Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls game, so I’m looking forward to
that. My answer is the same, I’m really into the fantasy themes, and I really
like making a tank that tells a story so I think we have some really interesting
items for our Icy Realms coming up where I’ll be able to set together a whole
scene with all different characters and creatures. I would just like to say thank you for
all your continued support it’s been amazing over the years. I want to say the
same, thank you so much for supporting us your support lets us continue to do our
jobs and we love to draw things for you and see your reaction to it. Yeah! Thank
you so much and we’re looking forward to 2018. Bye guys! That’s it for the updates,
but we also wanted to ask players a very important question in place of the usual
Fish World Asks segment. This is a time of year when we reflect on what we did
well, and what we could have done better in the past 12 months, so we want to know:
What do you think should be our new year’s resolution for 2018? If there was
one thing you’d like to see us change or improve about the game next year, what
would it be? Leave us your answers in the video
comments and we’ll pick our favorite response to receive 30 Fishbucks and be
featured in our next Monthly Update. Well after unwrapping all of these awesome
gifts I’ve got a lot to clean up around here so, I’ll see you next time!

Stephen Childs


  1. great Video !! love that your sitting in the deco room Ashlee that is just classic , (waving) hello Vanessa and Angela , I think the one and only thing for a new years resolution that would make all the difference in the world would be to be able to manipulate the deco's ( mainly the people decos ) in a 360 mode .. to turn them around to see the back view if we so choose … even with other type decos it would put a major uplift as to what we can do in our tanks, as it now we can only move things left to right , upside down or turn them in a much non exciting way , oh and just one more lil tid bit how about giving us the smile,frown or even open mouth ,or bubba teeth decos that we can change the look on some of the faces of course they should be able to be made small enough so they look natural … oh gosh I have to many new years resolution idea's I don't think I have enough years for them …. thanks for all everyone of you do have a Very Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. What I would love is that there be some kind of grab bag like it has been at the end of other themes that give others an opportunity to get even it just one premium at a lower cost as there are so so many awesome premiums but at 100 too 150 a pop it harder for players to participate fully in a theme without t least one awesomely done premium. I love all you work and Just think this would be awesome as I mean it still gives others th opportunity to still purchase the Item of there choice at full price or randomly get one at a lower cost. Thanks for all you do , Have a wonderful day

  3. I would like to see your resolution to be less premiums per theme and possibly more people decos that would be useful to each theme, and less fbs, like the cabin theme we just did, there was several premiums, but no other useful people decos, when i personally create a tank, i choose a premium for the tank and build around it. i only need one premium per tank…merry christmas to all

  4. i would love more decorations at lower FB. I can not afford all these 100 Fb items.

  5. Try not being so greedy. A100 FishBucks cost $10 of real money. You must be crazy!!!!! Enough with the greed.

  6. I would really love to be able to search for a type of item rather than having to remember the exact name. For example, if I searched "woman", I would find all women in my inventory or if I were searching in the Fish store or auction house, I would find all decos that are women. This could possibly extend to the tanks sold by players. I know this would be one heck of a lot of work though, but it would be awesome. I love you guys, you do such a great job.

  7. more coin items for the weekly theme , not every one can afford these expensive FB items

  8. Great video! It was nice to meet Vanessa and Angela. The New Years Resolution I would like to see for FW is for the Premiums for slot trade ins to come up in order of most to least. Thanks for everything! Loving it!

  9. I would love to be able to create something in an empty tank, because I need lots of room to figure something out, and then group the parts all together, and then be able to transfer the grouping to another tank!!

  10. New Year's resolution? Maybe to not schedule the start of events, release big packages, etc. on the weekends. I have noticed problems that arise during that time are very frustrating for moderators and players alike as there is nothing we can do. And I am sure you guys dont want to be putting in overtime on the weekends all the time.

  11. Sounds great! Looking forward to it all the themes seem pretty exciting! 😉

  12. Hi I love your videos. I would like to have the collection sets identified somehow in our inventory, The biggest problem is there are some fish named the same, one would be from a collection and the other would not be. The other problem is they get sold or given away not realizing they are part of a set. It would make it so much easier than always having to go to the collection page, I would still go to the page to see what all is in the collection set. So please identify them for us.
    Thank you and pray you all have a great christmas.

  13. My recommendation for next year is get rid of the 'pearls' in splasho, I for one never use them, not a fan of the fishing game and would like to see something new there, thanks!! Love the Video and looking forward to the rest of this months themes too!

  14. Personally For me I was VERY DISAPPOINTED In Halloween And the October Premium Pass Items , Now I am NOT saying that the Animation,Fish and Decos Were not Wonderfully done Because they were. But I did notice all the complaining from those who do not like Halloween (All Hallows Eve) or the themes geared toward that specific Holiday.. But I and Many others Would link more Sinister and spooky items like you had last year (2016), As for the premium Pass PLEASE STOP REINVENTING the SAME DECO( Changing what the deco is holding and the overall color is not making a new deco all while having the same expression, the same dress and  the same design is not making it new! Many of us Pay for the Pass to have a NEVER TO BE SOLD AGAIN UNIQUE DECO Not a reinvented or updated version! Also if you are going to have a theme, For Example lets say THE COVEN ( (WITCH)haha Which over all I personally enjoyed) Please let us know what type of theme it is  WICKED or HARMONIOUS ENERGY OR MAYBE EVEN BOTH in any case make decos to represent which one you are trying to convey to us PLEASE, A Inverted Pentagram is typically used for evil not Wiccan or Pagan -(can mean different beliefs )  for example you had a BEAUTIFUL Pentagram as a Rune but it was inverted which for me took the magic out of it why not offer two versions  both the pentagram and the inverted one PLEASE I know I would have bought both…. because I would have liked to do both tanks versions…. for now this is it over all I think your game is amazing and offers a unique take on all cultures and one personal beliefs….Thank You for taking the time to read this!

  15. Wonderful video. My one and only wish has always been some way to turn swimmers into decos. Maybe a potion or something similar. Even temp until removed from tank would be nice.

  16. Cool and informative Video. Nice to meet the Artists Angela & Vanessa. My suggestion for your 2018 New Years resolution: Make sure there are no re-releases of items who should not have been re-released at all (like crate exclusives etc). To help you have a few longtime players (who know their pixels inside and out) volunteer (I'm sure there is a few who would LOVE to do this). Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. Happy Fishing 😉

  17. I look forward to your video's and like how you give us the upcoming themes. This helps us prepare for what themes we know we would be interested in and to be sure we have enough FB's during those themes. I would love to see more equestrian related items to be added. Even a theme or even a short theme that contained riders, tack, barns with open stalls, hay, jumps, ranch hands along with even a training track or race track. You guys rock with the deco's and look forward to all the content coming this Christmas season and in 2018. Keep up the great work!

  18. I enjoy the periodic gifts and special collection games but I can't stand those chests that interfere with the work II try to do in my tanks. They are also filling up my inventory. It should be offered once or maybe twice a day but if we do not want them we should be able to cancel them out. I have offered them to others but no one wants the chest even for free!!!

  19. I realize that you as a company rely on the paid players to keep the game afloat and I appreciate what you Do for us. While I will buy fb's when I can I also agree with the coin players that so many things in the themes lately are coming out for fb's that they can't get to use. It leaves them frustrated and sad that they can't decorate to the theme with just a few coin doo dads. With your holiday at the lodge theme it would be useless for the coin players that like to enter the tank contests to make one asking for this theme. None of the furniture other than a toboggan shelf is buy able for coins. Is there any way to accommodate them for coin alternatives?

  20. These videos keep getting better! Angela mentioned her love for drawing dogs, did she make the deco in my Lizzy's likeness? As far as in the new year, I think it would be super helpful if in our inventory, instead of just saying "exclusive" FW could designate whether it was a splasho item, pull tabs, or slots bonus, etc. Also – what happened to the NICE slots bonus items we would get once in a while? Feeders, even premiums? Every theme now seems to OVERWHELM us with the sale of premiums and with the cost of them being SO VERY HIGH and slots odds being SO VERY LOW, this has quickly become a game for the wealthy. I DO appreciate the efforts ALL OF YOU put into this game, Fishworld is my "escape" from real life 🙂

  21. would love for you all to be able to come up with a deco that you could buy that would let you sell all flamingos in a tank and not loose any coins or xp,s lol…but seriously i know you guys have to earn a paycheck and have to charge for things but for those of us that can not afford it all the time i would like to see more lower price decos and less of high price prems..i also would love it if we could get a more clear looking moving water to make ponds or lakes out of for coins..the pool of water is ok but just think of neat that would be to be able to see clear to the bottom of the pond…most of all for 2018 i would like to see things where players interact more with each other without all the gripping that goes on in the community page..

  22. for the new year I think you guys should try to incorporate the players in the decorations you make, like maybe ask for ideas.. I think maybe you should try and get more moderators/admins to help around in both the community and trading grooup, I have noticed that the trading group has been getting out of hand when it comes to people following rules, and it's obviously not your fault that you are under staffed but it would be nice if it was moderated a little more closely

  23. Whooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo It's Ashlee, Vanessa, and Angela. <3 My 2018 Resolution would be to see the Premium Pass continue, sales, and I love the Abyssal Mermaid, Tattooed Mermaid, Moth Fairy, Dark Moth Fairy. I love that the Artists are stepping out of the box by creating more fantasy items. Thank you for being a cool game that takes player feedback both constructive and good. And for welcoming ideas as well. May you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018. <3

  24. I would really love to see a Cat theme (cats, human slaves to cats, Crazy Cat Lady & Man, etc ;-), goodies, fish for the cats to play with, backgrounds with grass, or little mice hidden 🙂 thank you for an awesome game~ I love love love the dogs and cats and mice you create!!!

  25. Your New Years resolution should be … remove the Fish World fee’s .. from AH and SELLING TANKS

  26. Sounds great ladies. Looking forward to enjoying all of your hard work, love it.

  27. I would love it if we could transfer items from one tank to another, instead of having to put the item into storage, then go to the other tank and have to search for it to put it in the tank…

  28. well start by more Decorations and lower fb to them some things are very pretty but to exspensive for alot of us to buy…

  29. great video and seeing Ashley!! most awesome getting to meet Vanessa an Angela. i always ejnoy the behind the scenes and who is behind it. for my resoultion i would like more flexible in the items placed in my tank. like not just flipping and such but more effects or flexiblity in
    placing or moving objects in tank.thanks and merry christmas and a happy new year

  30. revamp of the store…organize old themes into categories, such as human, furniture, buildings ect…revamp the backgrounds to be easier searched by a tag such as purchased…always gonna be my request…it would make gameplay so much more smooth…nice to see you artists show your pretty faces…love all your work…happy to be part of the game in 2018 ..

  31. it be nice to have tickets scratch off with money on then !!  EVERYDAY ! thank you

  32. Great Video and very informative … thank you for taking the time to keep us all updated. There are two things I would love to see in the new year … the first thing is to provide daily coin players like me more items that go with the themes in coins so that we can actually have a completed tank and not have to ask others for things that will complete the tanks; it makes it more enjoyable to be able to do a tank that way. The second thing is to make items in the store by what they are, for example … when looking for birds to be able to type "birds "and be able to see all birds instead of just those with the word "bird" in the name. It would be so much easier to find items that way … we don't always know what the name of bird is, categorizing them as "birds" would be so much less stressing when looking for them.

  33. I love that this year you have really inspired us and it is nice to see that our questions are being answered…Keep up the good work….<3

  34. I would like more decorations like men and women& kids that don't do any thing like the prem,feeder for coins.

  35. Fabulous video! I think you have done an amazing job this year. The only thing that would be lovely is more realistic looking deco and storage <3

  36. thank you for making all the lovely items you give us! i would like to see a button to sell all of our decos at once, like the button to sell all of the fish in a tank!

  37. I would be wonderful for players to sell their tanks for coins since their are many coin players that can't take advantage of buying tanks since you must use fishbucks so could you please consider this.. i would for all players to be able to have fun selling their tanks and buying others too… hugs for a new wonderful year coming around the corner….

  38. it would be great to be able to not just do a search across tanks like we can with item searches within a tank and across all tanks but be able to also expand that option to be able to transfer (once we have located the item from our search across all tanks) an item from one tank to another… that would be on my wish list for next year… thank you for the super job you all do… hugs

  39. I would love for Fish World to have a Library of all the previous and current "fish" and "decos" that have been released in the past or are currently being released in a special location for all FW players to be able to have access to so we can do our own research .. We can then know what we can be on the look out in our Trading Community and it may help us in know what items we can ask for when you give us surveys… Please think about it… thank you so much for your wonderful ideas that you use all year round…. hugs

  40. It would be fantastic if us players could add suggestions to upcoming new decos or fish.. such if your going to create a new Dog, maybe send us a message in the routine that you do to check to see what kind of Status we are feeling "Happy to Sad faces" that already has a comment area to send a reply back to you.. why not use that routine to say your creating a new dog and ask for suggestions in the comment area and use the Happy to Sad faces to indicate if people feel this is an OK idea to do.. For example.. I'd give it a extreme happy face and add in the comment area "would love a whippet dog or miniature greyhound dog like the Italian greyhound"…. etc… thanks i love this month's video … hugs

  41. I wish that you would consider some more international type of festivals that go on in many different countries around the world… this would allow us to learn about cultures from different countries and improve moral for people from different parts of the world so they feel included in what FW celebrates too… for example: the Korea and Turkey have different mini festivals during their calendar year and as do so many other countries… it would nice to have some mini themes done on them… thank you for listening to me.. hugs

  42. Lower prices! No one can afford $10 real life money a day for a premium! Make better coin decos and people decos that actually show the faces! Listen to your players!

  43. My favorite part of the game is decorating tanks and I think BVG has done an awesome job creating decorations for us to play with. The fish are also awesome, and sometimes I wish I could turn a fish into a deco. I think it would be cool to be able to turn off the animation for select fish in a tank. Consider creating a new potion like the resizing potion that allows fish to be turned into decorations.

  44. Thank you for the Video Ashlee, Angelia and Vanessa. First sorry to see the mini Christmas card contest go away. I would love to see it again next year. What I would love to see for FW's New Years Resolution would be the ability to organize my tanks. I would love to be able to file them in tabs like we do with deco's and fish. This would be a big advantage for FW players! Happy Holidays!! May you all have a Merry Christmas and best wishes in the New Year!

  45. Over the years, FISHWORLD has been the only game I have consistently stayed with. And that is because your interaction with the players is OUTSTANDING. I feel appreciated! I love the free gifts, the chance to vote on future items, the different ways we have to "rate" the game etc. The mentions and tributes to long time players is heartwarming! The artistry was always good, but the last years or so it has been magnificent! I love these videos getting to know and see you guys as real people. Can we meet more of you? ANY one involved in any capacity I would love to meet! Also whatever technical you can do to iimprove would be great (moving decos in 360) more freedom of movements etc..MORE sparklies that move etc. I love fishworld. It is You guys that MAKE it the best game by far, out there!! (PS This was the first time I have watched a video. From the direct link on the game)

  46. I would love a fish world gaming app for my Android phone. so I can play any time I want on the go. please.

  47. I was very disappointed this year no new Chanukah decorations not s ure how to take this

  48. New Years Resolution should be to stop bringing back already released premiums and that will stop the devaluing of them. That is not fair doing that to your fans. That for sure is my biggest complaint. Also, premiums are way to expensive and the feeders cost almost as much as the premiums. Changes made, well other than what I brought up above there are more things that needs improved. A lot of the new premiums has been poorly done. May need to hire someone else to do them. I have a complaint with selling in the auction house. Why does FW have to take such a large percentage on sales in auction house? Ok, so stop bringing back old premiums to ruin their value, stop charging a lot for premiums and feeders and the percentage of auction sales being taken is what needs to be worked on to sum it all up.

  49. I think it would be great to create multi-step challenges that would reward the player with the higher price Fish Buck items. That way those of a lower income can feel included and if a player doesn't want to do the challenges they can always buy the item with Fish Buck. I enjoy this game as it is relaxing and allows me to create what I want. Keep you the great work.

  50. So all my money on slots goes to this fat chick. These people are on drugs.

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