Final Trailer | 6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds | Netflix

There’s this trick that we all do
to get to through our day. Go, go, go! You take a box and in that box we place
all the horrors of the world. Then we close the box and pretend it doesn’t exist. Only, some of us… we’ve lost our ability
to pretend. I’ve been looking for a special
operator like you for a while. Who are you?  We do the dirty work 
others can’t. Here’s the fun part. From now on, you’re dead.  -It’s all erased. 
-No more criminal records. No more getting arrested 
just for being naked. Or just usual stuff, you know? Being naked, getting drunk,
casual stuff. So we’re all gonna die? We blend in to disappear. -Is this gonna work?
-I hope so.  This is mine.  We need to move. Honestly, I didn’t think 
we’d make it this far! What’s the status? -Hello.
-This is so stressful.  -Bonjour.
-Hi. -Hey.
-Hi. We’re all gonna die. May as well do it
while we’re alive. Sounds fun, right?

Stephen Childs


  1. Ok so Michael Bay decided to make his own Fast & Furious movie. I want to watch it, this is his jam.

  2. Apne Ko Ryan Reynolds Ki Hindi Dubbing Ke Artist Sanket Mhatre Sir Hi Chahiye… Nhi To Kuchh Kam Ki Nhi Hogi Ye Movie Dekhne Me…😕😕🙏🏼🙏🏼

  3. And also on the team, a random parkour guy because we think audiences are still into that shit for no particular reason.

  4. Wait, this isn't "Trip Hop: The Movie"? I'm so confused…

    (That's a Sneaker Pimps reference. You probably didn't get it if you're under 30.)

  5. Literally could have just named it underground 6 why y’all insisted on naming it this way is beyond me lmao

  6. Say what you will about Michael Bay but the man is a master of directing big action movies!

  7. So fast and the furious with deadpool? It's gonna be a massive pile of BS but I hope it's entertaining.

  8. Wait, people still go see Michael Bay movies?

    There hasn't been an anti-cliche and anti-over-hyped-empty-action-movie backlash to do in his career yet?

  9. why dont netflix also air this in theatres i think they can make good profit from that also

  10. Guess those spark-ily explosions r a Michael Bay thing the transformers movies where full of em

  11. Movie looks good. But what happened they couldn't afford any other famous actors? Or was Reynolds just too expensive & that's all they could afford

  12. Looks like going to be a great mercenary film for Netflix on November 13th 6 underground with Ryan Reynolds starring in the film

  13. Something about the filter, lens flare, or whatever bothers me. It’s as if they are in a perpetual state of afternoon which is my least favorite time of day.

  14. Even this movie for netflix that is completely unrelated to transformers has to cost a lot and have massive car explosions cuz its micheal bay

  15. Im sorry but I don't like where movies are going. Im not the biggest fan of Bay movies but say what you want, the man puts BIG things on the screen. Why would I want to watch this type of action on a small screen instead of the silver one?

  16. Feels like a subplot to Hobbs and Shaw… Plus an excessive amount of explosions…

  17. This feels like the A-Team and Losers were put together by Michael Bay..no? Just me? Okay..

  18. – How much of saturation of blue and yellow colors do you want in your movie?
    – As much as we can.

  19. If Aviation Gin tastes like a Michael Bay movie, slide me a glass please👍🏼

  20. Who else came here for the trailer after watching the promotional video by Ryan Reynolds?

  21. La mejor decisión que ha tomado Netflix, sinceramente, esta película.
    Elegir un reparto en el que se incluyan a grades traceurs como lo son Storror, los actores de tan gran calibre y tanta acción. Creo que estas decisiones van a dar un resultado increíble en la popularidad de esta película.

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