Fight For Open Trans Military Service Goes On

both: Hey.
Happy court-hearing day. [both laugh]
– Hey. To you too. – Yay. – Oh, the puppy.
– Yeah. How you guys doing?
– Good. – Yeah?
Yeah, how you feeling? – Pretty good.
– Yeah? – Okay.
[both laugh] I just never untie my ties.
– Yeah. I mean, that would be
the smart thing to do. I got done with the last tie… [soft dramatic music] – Petty Officer Brock Stone, the transgender Navy officer
based out of Fort Meade, is the lead plaintiff
in a federal law suit challenging
President Donald Trump’s transgender military ban. [music continues] – The federal law suit was
filed by the ACLU of Maryland on behalf of Petty Officer
first-class Brock Stone, an 11-year Navy veteran
who served in Afghanistan. – Finding out about the ban and finding out
I could be losing a career that I had been building
for so long, and what was essentially a second family for me
in the U.S. Navy, was just heartbreaking. It was devastating. Um… it was one of
the toughest moments of my military career. I was afraid,
and I didn’t know what was in my future
at that point. [music continues] Good.
– Yeah. – Pretty good.
– [laughs] – Hey, Morty. Good morning. Hey, Kermie.
I know. Hi, baby girl. – It’s very hard thinking that we’re going
into something today and there’s going
to be an opposing side that’s going to, um… maybe not say
the nicest things. I really hope that everybody
can just be kind at the end of the day and– and do what
this country stands for. ‘Cause…everybody’s human. Everybody’s–everybody deserves the same rights
as everybody else. – We’ll fight them.
[all chuckle] – Yeah. [mouthing]
– I love you. I love you. Being part of a law suit
and being out there and kind of in the public eye
certainly was not something that I had ever imagined
for myself. I honestly sat down
and thought to myself: What is involved in this?
What should I do? And honestly, I kind of came
to the conclusion of, you know, I can sit back
and hope somebody else takes care of this for me or I can do what
I’ve always been taught to do, which is to run
towards the fight. [music continues] [uplifting music] Good afternoon.
My name is Brock Stone. I have been
in the United States Navy for over 11 years, and the Navy has become
a major part of my life. Far more precious to me
than any job or any career. I am here today because I want
to remain a part of my family. I want to continue
to serve my country as long as I remain qualified, and we deserve an equal chance
to have that opportunity. Thank you. – We’re here today outside
the Federal District Court to defend the rights of the brave individuals
who defend us. – The harm
is being suffered now in the form of having
their lives disrupted, having their whole courses
of treatment disrupted, and being branded now as unfit and inferior. [music continues]

Stephen Childs


  1. It makes sense that these sick people want to join a sick orginization. Wanting to be murderers., and make me pay for it. I dont wanna buy bullets, let alone pay for your dysphagia. Transition pre or post service. My tax dollars are not earmarked for your transition. JS

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