Festive fresh vegetables

Michelle Ray: Hi my name is Michelle Ray. I’m a
registered dietitian with Novant Health Heart and Vascular Institute. Every year
we create a heart healthy holiday cookbook to share with our rehab
patients and we’re going to feature a recipe for you today. Today we’re going to
show you how to make green bean salad. This is a healthy alternative to the
typical green bean casserole that we see in the holidays. This is going to feature
your green beans, some dried cherries and you want to go for color when you’re
choosing healthy foods. Vegetables are full of antioxidants that are disease
preventative and the darker in color the more nutrient dense they are. We’ve got
the water boiling. We’ve got some extra virgin olive oil,
some minced shallots, some sherry wine vinegar, fresh mint that we’ve chopped up,
a little bit of salt, some sugar and some black pepper. We’re gonna whisk those
together then you’re going to add some dried tart cherries. We’re going to put our
dressing aside and now we’re gonna blanch our green beans so in the pot of
boiling water you’re just gonna add your green beans for about three to four
minutes. After they are done you’re going to put them in a bowl of ice water so they
can cool. We’re going to drain them and put them back in our serving bowl and we’re
going to toss them in with the dressing we’ve made and the walnuts.

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