Federal government can mandate quarantines: Judge Napolitano

Stephen Childs


  1. "were they may have been in area's that might have been exposed" ???!!! Just where exactly is that ??? If they were not ever outside the USA!!!???mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. On the main Fox channel There is a lady doctor and she and the host laugh and make it seems like the virus ain't no big thing and made it sound like anyone taking it too seriously is foolish and now on Fox business they are talking about mandate quaranties.Make up your mind! I for one am going to prepare and everyone reading this prepare,set a little money aside and who cares when people look at you funny because when this thing finally hits us at home…

  3. The government already suspended the US Constitution under the Patriot Act when Obama signed International agreement…

  4. Napolitano Neil Cavuto and what's that little worm guys name Christy something? yeah they suck they should go get interviewed by Meghan Kelly 💩💩💩

  5. I have to stop watching the five again none of us liked Obama but they never bashed Obama like Juan bashes Trump I do notmine a dem but be fair

  6. If you really want to know what's going on in this world and want hope and assurance then please subscribe to this channel dockidds on you tube please spread this channel to other's so they can see it to.

  7. If that starts it's time to leave the big citys. Personally I think it is being used to remove the large populations. I don't see this as a accident. Looks damned deliberately to me.

  8. I keep spreading this…all those who get infected need financial and employment protection. All their bills get paused and you can’t loose your job. Considering it as a civil duty, a sacrifice to protect the greater good, but they shouldn’t loose their homes/jobs/cars ect

  9. It’s nothing to be afraid of. We would know if a virus was that bad that we should be worried. Like if it killed 75% or more of those infected. This virus kills 2% of the people infected.


  11. Soooo Hong Kong protest issue gone…economic crisis, the only thing that could impact Presidents re election ion possible…virus starts at Chinese bio weapons lab…Clinton ties to China…hmmmm. I’m not much on coincidences.

  12. Anyone who complains about quarantines is SELFISH!!!! Two weeks of quarantine won't hurt anyone, but the coronavirus can be LETHAL for some folks those people could infect. People need to GROW UP!!!

  13. And the DEMOCRATS wants open borders. I imagine if these were illegals coming here. Like the measles outbreak.

  14. if they say stay in the house just stay in the fuckin house..im doing it anyway..im not trying to catch this disease and neither is my family!

  15. Who thought that the feds couldn't force you into quarantine?

    The democrats were already making fun of the idea of quarantining the US.

  16. Just another hoax to steal billions and organ harvesting and bone marrow and stem cell harvesting for the 1 % of the oligarchs world wide

  17. The left are way ahead of us on this issue — most have already quarantined themselves earning food stamps from the comfort of home.

  18. The judge is a Statest and will always side with government tyrants, after all he's had plenty of practice being a tyrant.

  19. " Clearly military quarantine is the best option … underground …… Area 51 … ' Make it so ' !!! "

  20. It’s gone ramp it in British Columbia there’s seven positive cases. With dozens of unknown carriers.
    have to close the border from Canada!

  21. There are way more than that, China quite updating their figures and weren't ever being honest to begin with….about any of the figures.

  22. Judge Krap needs to be flushed to Califcagada homeless honduran cagada smeared sidewalks……!

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  24. Well, heeere it is folks, the excuse theyll use to grab who they want and come door to door, neighborhood by neighborhood to grab your guns and patriots for the gulags.

  25. As far as these sanctuary cities go,,,,,, this virus is going to do, what’s been needed done for a long time,

  26. Wait they said there was only 63 cases in all of America, now they are saying they have 83 in New York alone ?

  27. This judge? His voice sounds like he has the virus. Besides that he is ignort about medicine and btl no means a legal schlor. He is a cheep has been.

  28. They have restricted use about all the old rules. The message is people get sick. No, the local jurisdiction is first run. Next, not fed hospital, proven past violence. The feds have at times and we see current ideas that need checked. The public gets so carried away.

  29. Please quarantine the next dem debate or dems in congress…lock em down on Russian intel of an infected. No one would blame Trump one bit.


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