FACEBOOK KING (Explicit Lyrics)

I’m on Facebook bitch! How do you “like” me now? ‘Cause I’m the mother f**kin’ shiznit cat’s
meow! I got my full time virtual entourage
Livin’ life to the max from my mom’s garage My profile’s lookin’ MAD diverse
My social network is expanding like the universe! I got a thousand friends I never knew I had
Who took this picture of me and who the f**k is Chad? Rolling in the Benjamins like Billy Gates Tracking relationship status of a million
Kates I been building up my friends list since the
day I was born And now I’m packing more Johnsons than a box
of gay porn! So you want to friend request me? Get in line!
And if you’re really lucky I might not decline Just get on your knees and kiss my ring You’re in the presence of the mother f**kin’ Facebook King He was the status quo,
now he’s the status pro! The Facebook King of Facebooking On PC, phone or pad – the friend you wish you had The Facebook King of Facebooking Status Update – What’s on my mind?
Posting every 20 minutes – Never fall behind. My life is so f**king perfect and I’m gonna
shout it Cause I know everybody wants to hear about
it! Hookin’ up daily with some 9’s and 10’s
Just bikini pic surfing through my hottest friends What’s with the skisuit Stacey,
could you look any dumber? Go put your bathing suit on
and just pretend it’s summer! My Apps and Games about to overflow got homies dropping challenges
to go toe to toe Well don’t be loco bro, you know I grow
only the freshest fruits and veggies in my farmville, yo! So you better take a step back chump
think it over! Unless you’re thinkin’ you’re gonna be packin’
four leaf clover You don’t want to be stepping into the ring With the undisputed mother f**kin’ Facebook
King! No kids, no pets, no wife – Living the social
life! The Facebook King of Facebooking No need to leave that chair, or put on underwear The Facebook King of Facebooking Yo! FBK! What time is it? Oh yeah, it’s time to check my news feed Bro! Bruce made a panda out of papier mache!
Frank moved his furniture for better feng shui! Katie wants to know if she’s looking hot Well if you have to ask girl, then you’re
probably not! Jessica, Kim, and all you wannabe Snooki’s
One more “duck-face” pic I’m gonna toss my cookies! Bonnie needs some kids and a husband STAT
She made a Facebook page for her f**king Cat! Jim is on the floor, Sarah’s open sore Denis is in Venice and he thinks he’s gonna
score! More and more – So much ya can’t ignore
It’s just a social media whore smorgasbord! ‘Cause I’m the ruler of my Facebook nation
With everybody looking for my validation Check yourself son – Remember one thing!
I’m the one and only mother f**king Facebook King Ooh, the Facebook King
Ooh, the Facebook King, “AAAAAAH” For epic likes and shares, nobody else compares
The Facebook King of Facebooking The whole world at his feet suckling his
Facebook teat! The Facebook King of Facebooking 24 Hours a day, sharing his life away
The Facebook King of Facebooking He’ll be the last online, when all the stocks decline The Facebook King of Facebooking!

Stephen Childs


  1. Gets REALLY GOOD at 3:33 when the camera is CLOSE on SAMANTHA – ROCK

  2. Watched it three times to catch all the little jokes. Great job Reston

  3. So how's flash 8 doing for him. Does he die if he can't photoshop anymore?

  4. Just showed it to one of my friends and then 10 minutes later suddenly heard him humming the tune!!! LOL

  5. That's so good to hear. Everyone who was in the cast couldn't get it out of their heads for days afterwards……..To that we said "why would you want it out of your heads?"

  6. And we thoroughly enjoyed your comment. Thank you so much.

  7. I saw one of these guys videos as an add before another video and immadiately though "Oh god, another bunch of tryahrds desperate for views". Then It was more like 0_o "wait, what, this is actually good".

  8. This is great! I found this channel because of another really funny video called the 5 second rule. These guys are like that SNL guy who did jizz in my pants, I'm on a boat, like a boss etc

  9. The "Facebook king" seems to contain unnatural ammounts of pure liquid awesome for a video with such a small amount of views.

  10. Guys you did amazing job with both of your songs. I show this to all my friends and all of them liked it. I still hope that i could see and hear one or two more from you cause i really love it. Sorry for my bad English and hello from Russia.

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