Eye on Oversight – 2018 Year in Review

In fiscal year 2018, the HHS OIG reported
764 criminal actions, 813 civil actions and nearly three billion dollars in expected recoveries. Let’s look at some other highlights from
this year. In January, after finding systemic problems
involving serious injuries that sent group home residents to the ER, OIG and its partners
published a Joint Report warning of vulnerabilities in group home settings. The report contains workable, holistic solutions
that States can use to protect the health and safety of their residents living in group
homes. In June, the agency took part in the largest
healthcare fraud takedown in the nation’s history. Over 600 defendants – including 165 medical
professionals – were charged with participating in fraud schemes involving about $2 billion
in losses to Medicare and Medicaid. 350 OIG agents worked with their partners
in this highly-coordinated and data-driven effort. OIG also released the Opioid Analysis Toolkit,
which can be used to identify patients who are at risk for misuse or overdose, or who
need additional case management. In July, OIG published the Hospice Portfolio,
which highlighted significant problems with quality of care and improper billing in the
Medicare hospice program. The portfolio also described OIG’s recommendations
to fix these problems. In October, AmerisourceBergen, one of the
nation’s largest wholesale drug companies —agreed to pay $625 million as part of a
settlement with the federal government. This resolved allegations that the company
violated the False Claims Act by illegally repackaging cancer-supportive drugs. Finally, OIG testified before Congress nine
times to discuss topics like opioids, the food recall process, and ensuring quality
of care and safety for nursing home residents. Stay connected with the HHS OIG by signing
up for email updates, and following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. For more information, don’t forget to check
out our newly redesigned website at oig.hhs.gov.

Stephen Childs

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