Explaining The Obstacles African Migrants Face At Mexican Border | NBC News Now

Stephen Childs


  1. If they want to come legally absolutely. America can't house and feed the world why is that so hard to understand

  2. Everyone in the world is an American citizen . The only difference between the citizens inside the country and the citizens outside the country is the citizens outside have not crossed the border yet. Bush said so, part of the new world order.

  3. They’re not getting the right food steak and eggs ribeye steaks lobster tails King crab I totally understand you’re not getting new clothes Michael Jordan shoes iPhone 11 Poor Africans 😩😩😩

  4. Their first obstacle is NOT the color of their skin, but the mindset of their brain. They would rather invade, and subsequently destroy, another country instead of fixing their own.


  6. no no no my poor mexico wtf!!! Im losing hope that mexico will change..people there are dealing with corrupting then this happens.. more crisis…

  7. They must stop them.
    Bring them back to their country
    They must come and built their country

  8. There is not even war in those country mentioned
    They must stay in their country

  9. America is not responsible for them. President Trump is not responsible for what happened to them. This is not President Trump. Your have your own Country, blame your government, not President Trump

  10. BS ! They were Attacking the Mexican Police! Is Showing on you tube the Real News!

  11. This is an invasion.the world leaders need to address this problem.this people could bring disease ebola.to north and south america. It will be very catastrophic if the Ebola disease get to South America this countrys are very poor any new disease outbreak in South American can cause a huge crisis.which mean more people leaving there homes and more problems to the USA.

  12. Same ol story. Tell american people we want to put a burden you and use all your taxes to take care of us because we dont know nothing

  13. Don't we have American's and Veterans in the US going without food or shelter as it is and these illegals demand entry for freebies the damnrats want to hand out for their votes????
    Send them back where they came from and come in legally. Trump 2020.

  14. They have no right to enter the USA. Mexico should deport them all back to their home countries in Africa.

  15. You are eating their food, you are taking their natural resources, oil, gold, diamond's, etc. Etc.
    Yust stay away from those countries and they won't need to emigrate to no where.
    Can you imagine venezuela, oil, gold, etc. They can give a million dollar to every citizen, and every new born, but that are emigrating yust becouse the yankys want to have their natural resources. Venezuela is 500 times richer than japan.

  16. Omg.. then you feed them.. then you pay for it. African migrant is a un problem.. not a US one.. sorry.

  17. Why they do not go home they can't come in my country never🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  18. Go back to the families you've deserted in Africa, and take your machetes with you

  19. What these people in the caravan in this and any caravan should do if they want to reach their goal is this as follows but most wont do…

    1. You made it to Mexico…the 11th largest economy in the world…quickly learn spanish, be friendly, find shelter and find some type of job even if its not formal "under the table" (there are many)( kids sell chicklets)…

    2. Establish small roots, make friends earn trust, save $…live there for a year or two…by then spanish will have inproved and then you can reach out for new contacts and new friends to help you cross the border because Mexicans know people across the border so you may have a place to land in the U.S. .

    3..While in Mexico it would help.if you also learned english if where you are going is U.S…Also if possible getting legal status in Mexico would help you if you failed to get to the U.S. and you would know some people..

    Mexico has opportunities for those that are able to look beyond their senses and for those who are privilaged to know the trends in the future an American Dream might be just a Dream afterall…and Mexicos Reality might be more sobering…

    By the way Mexico elected a black president ions ago the reason you dont see black like you do in the U.S is because they are mixed….they call them "Negritos" in an endearment manner not the derogatory way "N" word the U.S calls them…and this whole racism view these people are expressing here is because they are bringing in their racist American view into the picture..

    Mexicans have accepted themselves as a mixed society eons ago and so you mix and toad the line or stand to the side and call yourself a victim because of your "difference" then you will probably get treated like a victim and will become a victim. Mexico has had immigrants from all over the world and they all conformed…those types of manifestations don't work in Mexico like they do in the U.S

  20. I would love to see all desperate or desiring persons entered into America without question or obstacles, however we have neither the resources nor the space,America fought a civil war to achieve success, these people must resolve there national issues at home that will require strong leadership, sacrifice and integrity on there part,there lives are at home, we love good neighbors but these people are not coming to strengthen America they are coming for BMW's and bling and they want it now by any means,that's not what America is about,I have candidly interviewed many migrants they all tell me they hate America but they want wealth BMW's and bling every one of them ,sorry folks work your problems out ,we cannot fit 1.3 billion in America,

  21. They need to be returned back to Africa…and the bill sent to the EU countries that paid them to go there. 😠

  22. We can't take care of the entire world and all of the poor people in it. Build that big beautiful wall nice and tall. All of these people that were named did not come from war-torn countries. Keep them out. These self-entitled Invaders do not deserve to be let into the USA. The USA freebie store / welfare store is officially closed. Go to a muslim country.


  24. They are not going to walk all those miles peacefully. Why didn't this network tell the whole truth and show where these people are attacking citizens and police?

  25. They could have just stayed home so where is the part where I'm suppose to feel sorry for them?

  26. Why African killing white farmer in africa please don't let them in 🇺🇸

  27. This is not because Trump's policy… Mexico has the same policies as well!

  28. Go home! The United States cannot take in everyone from all over the world!! We are full & cannot take on anymore social debt or people that expect to be taken care of through our taxpayer funded programs!!! GO HOME & FIGHT INJUSTICES IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!!

  29. They just wanted to walk into the US and into the welfare office!!!!!! Sorry not wanted!!!!!!

  30. Sorry not buying the leftist propaganda!!!!!! They can apply for asylum in Mexico!!!!!!

  31. We need more african migrants. They are many areas in america that lack of diversity.

  32. Why are Black people proud to be Black but flee the continent of Africa which has the largest concentration of black people lol? Then when they get to Western countries they claim racism because of skin colour. So stay in Africa that way you will not face racism.

  33. Mexico is anti black? Stfu. Mexico has taken in so many that they can’t afford others. Like Haiti we have so much and they have had their opportunities but these black Africans demanding and all isn’t even worth it

  34. If they're in Mexico, they're no longer refugees.
    Why aren't the nations they flee from ever held accountable for them?
    Its always 'lets run to evil waysis Y T, he'll babysit us'
    We have no obligations to these people. How many is enough?
    They couldn't make Africa a better place, so how could they suddenly somehow improve America?
    Just go home, your sob stories don't concern us.

  35. They have no right to enter any country illegally. The sense of entitlement is sickening.

  36. Obese Black women, and a homosexual male… Liberal Blacks who are tools of Globalist.

  37. These caravans thought the u s was a pushover like Mexico, WHERE AS THEY could just CARAVAN right IN, and start TAKING what ever they desired

  38. How’d they manage to land on the shores of South America? That’s a feat in itself, since they must’ve passed through umpteen countries that can be regarded as a first safe haven.

  39. It's a shame so many Sub-Saharan African nations are so disorganized and corrupt that people have constantly flee like this. You can only blame colonialism so much because at the end of the day, being the constant charity case/beggar caste of society isn't a good look.

  40. The US is not a soup kitchen no matter how hard dems try to make it so..
    I'm sick of Congress wasting taxpayer money on foreign aid. They've been providing for many year's and funny how the countries don't evolve at all. And the people just want to flee to US in the end. Which leads one to believe the money is going to corrupt individuals in their government. And Democrats have no problem with it at all. Trump 2020.

  41. So i guess these 2 clowns are going to put up their long lost brothers & sister's in their own homes? That would really be activism and not just virtue signaling. American people are tired of caring about other people's problems when we work our lives away to pay taxes that support people who factually & actually hate us!!!! No more for you, my family comes first!!!!

  42. Us mexicans cross illegaly to usa . They just want a better life like us mexicans

  43. This is a Mexican problem NOT an American problem. Europe got it right. Angela Merkel and George Soros created this mess about mass migrations.

  44. This people is right let them take all the Africans to their homes to see what they think later

  45. The only people in these comments are old, racist, Caucasian people who have no consideration for other people.

  46. The way asylum works if your desperate and in need is you to the nearest place you can go. Maybe the Mexican government is uncomfortable with a bunch of people walking through there country that are desperate .. it seems Mexico has enough trouble feeding themselves… if I was lost I'd try to go into an American territory instead. The saddest thing I think is if all the people fleeing could collectively stand together maybe somehow they could build a great community somewhere and sell and trade goods all hope is not lost your just walking the wrong direction I wish them the best though I really do

  47. These are not black refugees. They are what ever their country is. When did black is not an ethnic group.

  48. Wait a minute…isn't this the year of return to Africans in the diaspora can go home and prosper. Or is it a money grab.

  49. You won't find those people organising and supporting these migrant protests living around these economic migrants!

  50. Build that wall. 🇺🇸🇲🇽🇺🇸🇲🇽🇺🇸💯💯💯

  51. The Mexican government wouldn't care if migrants pass through their country if it werent for the US putting pressure on them

  52. This video is ridiculous. Liberal media trying to twist things so bad… That music really?

  53. Is time for anyone that is not from this land to go back to their own land, and mostly the whites go back to Europe that's your true land not America enough is enough go back…

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