eVisaMe For Travel Agents – Entry Visa – Electronic Visa System for Travel Agencies

eVisaMe is an easy-to-use online
platform that allows travel agents to apply for an electronic visa in half the
time eVisaMe is simple secure and solution driven it saves travel agent time get travelers better service and increases agency income How to use eVisaMe ?
login to eVisaMe.com and click on travel agent login in “my agency” page agency, owners will be able to see all travel agencies activities in this screen you can easily add or remove agents and you can also create a virtual
agent for your online booking site in “my application” screen you will be able to see all Visa’s applications created for your customers from this screen, agents can create new applications by clicking on the plus new visa choosing a country of origin and destination choosing who will fill data in the
application you the travel agent or customer if you choose that the customer
will fill out the application you will also need to enter in his email and then
the customer will receive an email with the link to follow and enter the visa
information if you choose agent you will refer to the visa page in order to enter
the data eVisaMe uses advanced process automation and innovative machine
learning technology once approved a visa is sent to the agent and the traveler by email eVisaMe pays a travel agency a fee for any visa application and the agency may charge the traveler extra fees for the agency service open your account today and start increasing your revenue and success rate you

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  1. This is the registration link: https://evisame.com/users/travel-agencies

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