EVE Pulse – Happy Holidays

Ah, most esteemed capsuleers. As you know the holidays are almost upon us, and we felt that it was only proper
to have this episode of the Pulse themed appropriately. Speaking of holidays, where a festive
and sophisticated appearance are of the utmost importance, you will be delighted to know that this year’s Youil SKINs are now available for you to purchase and fly in the New Eden Store. In keeping with the spirits of the season, earlier this week, CCP developers, together with ISD volunteers, lead by the right honorable Bjorn Bee, made plans to undock, greet the local capsuleers, then proceed
to give them a jolly good thrashing. The aforementioned thrashing did indeed take place, although the devs found themselves on the receiving end. A video capturing the spectacle has been released on Youtube
for you to watch at your leisure. Speaking of videos, the Scope Galactic News Network
released a news piece last week, covering the dramatic events that unfolded
in the wormhole system known as Rage, as well as some disturbing developments in relations
between the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic. This video can also be found at the Youtube link below. I´m afraid that is all for now, but please
take a moment to subscribe to this channel and do remember to log in to EVE,
so that you can continue receiving exquisite gifts during the thirteen days of EVE. We here at CCP would like to take this opportunity to wish you, and those closest to you, the happiest of holidays. Here’s to all our wonderful adventures together in the coming year. Cheerio.

Stephen Childs


  1. Can someone think of the faction warfare children? They’ve been neglected this Christmas.

  2. Merry Xmas, can you buy something from our company pls? witch basicly required like 20 minutes of work of 1 employ to do a texture. when an amateur with 40 hours of blender and photoshop experience can do? yes pls give us your money , so that we can pay the production cost what it took for our film crew to do this over priced 3 minute video to youtube.

  3. Those skins look pretty good and i have been subscribed since day one cause this channel is what got me into Eve Online 🙂 so thank you and to all my fellow capsuleers Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas

  4. Feedback: Those new skins are far too expensive. The frostline event needs better loot tables.

  5. Happy holidays?………..I think the words that were getting stuck in your throat were Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😉

  6. At 0:30 I EXPECTED A "FREE YOIUL SKINS FOR ALL" Announcement as a thank you for the ongoing community support of the game…

  7. All I want for Christmas is an open station where you can meet other players and mingle around. Im not logging in to Eve until that happens.

  8. ok so one question… why are the endings always too extended and excessively awkward?

  9. Fuck you !, put your presents into your ass, give alpha clones cloak or nobody will be playing this game for free, stupid mongols, ahahahaahahahahaha, corky wrote it, ahahahaahahahah

  10. Great video! I dont know how you built the set in a workplace – its very homey.

  11. I see what you did at the end there… and it's #SpacePopeApproved…

  12. There was a markedly increasing amount of smoke in the room, probably nothing to worry about…

  13. Gifts that are available to all, and in mass numbers are worth nothing. A good Christmas present was like the rare parade skins that came during Christmas in a plex bundle. But then ruined 2 months later by cry babies, and CCP caved, creating the shit red skins, that looked almost exact. Ruining any faith and credibility CCP had.

  14. Someone forgot to activate a fireplace shield booster. Warning:Hearth taking heat damage.

  15. I realy like the game but holy crap CCP…. 700Plex for one skin…. realy? Thats about 22€. If i buy 2 of them i could buy a other whole game for that.

  16. The presenter of this video would make an excellent Dr. Who. Thumbs up if you agree.

  17. I am going to file for bankruptcy if you continue to release skins such as these

  18. Skill Requirements for this video:
    Time: 130 days

    Holidays V
    Christmas IV
    New Years V
    2019 I
    EVE V
    Life I

  19. Donde esta la comunidad hispana que queremos el juego traducido al español. Denle like

  20. If only CCP would take all the EVE universe assets and lore and created a descent space game(preferably something along the lines of War Thunder or Fractured Space) instead of all this player driven open world Somalia simulator bulls**t, I would play it for 20$ a month.

    Sadly that's not what EVE is about and no one will ever make the game I want so much.

  21. Wonderful gifts for a price on the New Eden Store hahahaha and the retarded awkward outro, you expect me to applaud you? WTF is this?

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