Stephen Childs


  1. I'd like to hear an actual example of a business development that couldn't go forward under the previous WOTUS definition that now gets green-lighted. Because the examples given in this video of Alaskans not able to pave a drive-way or a farmer not able to dig an irrigation ditch, depending on the situation, seem like great examples of things you shouldn't have the right to do if you would negatively impact the adjacent surface water and the underground water table. Irrigation ditches are often point-sources of pollution from fertilizers and pesticides for every water shed. We all live in a water shed so in most cases it should be harder for a farmer to dig an irrigation ditch than easier.

  2. You can't change the Clean Water Act definition or NEPA because it must be repealed since its an Act of Congress. Corporate Agriculture/Oil=GREEDY!! Support Indigenous Environmental Justice its NOT for personal GAIN!! Safe drinking water act is closely related for health and human safety don't forget that your body is 90% water. #idlenomore #nodapl #nokxl #noLNG #nofracking

  3. Sell outs! Corporations like Bp and Nestle buy members of Congress everyday. Thank god for Indigenous people and sacred sites. Maybe we can work together to protect the sacred?? ~peace and prayers~ #waterislife #mniwiconi #besa'yoobaa'ananobepu

  4. I wonder what the resolutions going to be Is it going to be fast

  5. 7 I think we should just Filter the water more often and In various places

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