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playing Yes everyone hello It’s Youngbin It’s not that something’s wrong Today, it’s voice-only In the comments, there are “what’s this? what’s this?” There are a lot of comments like this but It’s not an error or a mistake so Just before everyone sleeps today Peacefully for you to plug in your earphones before you sleep, Today, I’m thinking about holding time to talk To be honest, today too I woke up and I woke up pretty early My eyes opened around 7am today I ate breakfast After that, I came to the company I received lessons for this and that I also did a bit of exercise As I did them, the time’s already unknowingly passed by this late So today, I couldn’t talk that much after I woke up I think now is the time where I talk a bit a lot Yes I lived today very diligently but Yes. My voice could be lost For now, There’s somebody who says “I love radio a lot” There’s also somebody who’s asking if I’ve eaten I’ve already eaten Today’s TMI is I’m wearing a grey knitted sweater and a bucket hat Yes, I lived diligently today I think I spent today really well It’s not a cold And today I Around 7pm Ah everyone I woke up at 7am in the morning It’s not that I woke up at 7pm in the evening I opened my eyes at 7am in the morning Yes I ate breakfast And the weather was really nice around 7pm in the evening So It was a weather where I wanted to run outside Today, I wanted to kind of go to Han River A bit I really like rooftops It was a weather where I wanted to go rooftop but To be honest, I didn’t go because I was going to do Bin,us Yes after this ends, I’ll take a selfie if I can for you guys The person said there’s only two weeks left for the weekly exam S/he is in middle school fourth year S/he said there’s two weeks left for the weekly exam When I was in middle school, I have memories of taking the weekly exam but Questions were usually from the textbook When I was in middle school So I think I did a bit well eo and today Bin,us is a holiday special There isn’t many days left until the holiday, right? So today I made the keyword to be “holiday” so that I can have about holiday-related talks with you guys Because it was named “holiday,” this person thought it was going to be a group v live with all 9 members It’d be great if it’s like that Because the members have their individual work they’re working on, Next time, I’ll try to hold a v live as a whole group And It’s still before the holiday but Recently, Lingling passed by, right? So I felt a bit worried about whether it won’t be a bit dangerous when you return to your parents’ home for the holiday It’s also kind of raining So This Chuseok holiday I hope you go and return both ways safely What’s my favorite food among holiday snacks? For me, It’s jeon I like jeon Yook-jeon? And Song-pyeon Song-pyeon’s delicious I like yook-jeon the most Yook-jeon’s delicious, right? Of course I’ve already eaten my dinner Ah It’s holiday but because our Fantasy’s home is huge, there aren’t going anywhere So s/he’s saying that it doesn’t feel much like a holiday Still, if your relatives come to your home, won’t it feel like holiday? And Our family sometimes even during Chuseok, we play yut I think it’s a bit fun when we do that Wah this person said s/he placed the 1st in the whole school for the first semester A Fantasy who’s currently listening to this Bin,us now Yes s/he placed the 1st in the whole school for the first semester Wow It’s really not easy being the first place There’s no way I can know how hard s/he would have worked but I think s/he really did well Congratulations She said she’s eating delivery food alone at home because she is a senior She said, “Oppa please eat delicious food even in Fantasy’s stead” No~ Our Fantasy who’s a senior This time, there’s also a feeling of burden And a bit how should i say this? Pressure? Because of things like that, I don’t think she’ll be able to spend this year’s holiday well but Work hard so that you won’t have to retake it again next year I hope you’ll be able to spend your holiday next year by getting good results this time I think I’ll be going back to my parents’ home for this year’s Chuseok I’m going back home and see Jamong Yes, that’s what I’m thinking to do Oh~ This is a very good question Words you hate to hear or hated to hear on a holiday Do you guys have words you hate to hear or hated to hear on a holiday? I don’t think I really I kind of didn’t listen well since I was young That’s that too but aw kind of I know right? Ah. “Study” “Are your studies going well?” “Lose weight. When are you going to work?” Hearing about telling to lose weight There are a lot about telling to lose weight Ah do they really tell you to lose weight? S/he said s/he hates to hear “When are you getting married?” the most These days, this, again It’s kind of difficult “When are you going to marry?” “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Do you have a bf?” “When are you getting married?” Comparing? “What did you score on your exam?” It’s usually about marriage, losing weight and studying There’s a lot of that “When are you giving birth to a child?” Ah there are Fantasies who are married too Comparing you to your relatives? No, then, it’s kind of Isn’t telling you to lose weight is kind of like that? You’re supposed to eat on a holiday But if they’re like that, why do they make food for holiday? Kind of I know right? Like this, I’m Because things I’ve seen on the Internet are also happening to Fantasies, I don’t really like it “Lose weight” “Discrimination” These days, everyone Individuality You should live according to what you want to do In any case, it’s your own choice It’s kind of I’d like to ask the opposite With what kind of condition and feeling they’re living in with a nice body and good grades? Isn’t it like that? “Go to university in a metropolitan area” Honestly, of course, everyone like relatives and family are saying those because they adore our Fantasy But these are words that plant a huge burden to the person Of course, if what they say helps you well-off, it’s all for you but Ah “Is there no curse for today?” I’m sorry. It’s a bit ambiguous to curse Because it’s an answer regarding family relationships I’m a bit careful to say things about it Just It’s just a holiday Can’t they just create a holiday vibe? Just Creating a holiday vibe and meeting relatives after a long time But if your parents are the ones who say those It could be understandable to some point but why are the relatives the ones saying those? Everyone I don’t think we should tackle about family Because they’re all doing it with their love for Fantasy so For now, in my case too, honestly When I was a high school student I kind of heard words like those too Until when I was in the first year of my high school While studying for something I don’t want to, My grades weren’t even good in the first year of my high school But I started dancing since my first year of high school So my relatives and family when they knew that I danced Kind of Just They were just like that then Starting from one point when I told them I’d be a singer I think they were a bit like that There isn’t a singer blood in our family There isn’t a singer or an entertainer in our family but “Why exactly are you trying to go to a difficult path like that?” I think I was a bit upset that time Thankfully, because I didn’t have a male sibling apart from my hyung, I did not have to face any discrimination or comparison but I know, right? If we put it in a mean way, is it something like being nosy? Something’s like After hearing words like that, our Fantasy and I feel upset, right? At times when you feel upset, Shall we listen to a song like this? To those relatives It’s kind of beating around the bush I’ll play a recommended song for you It’s a new song Please for sure play this song for your relatives without saying anything It’s FTIsland sunbaenim’sTo tell them to quit it Ah?‘s great of course But to play it for relatives,is too strongis too strong so The atmosphere could turn bad So to your relatives, the lyrics are a bit quiet and comparing and discriminating kind of “Lose weight” “What are you going to do about it?” If they go like that, Take it in once for a while Then go into your room Example your uncle or your aunt did that to you “Uncle, Aunt” “This is a song I like. Do you want to try listening to it once?” Say that and You play this song for them “It’s a story about people” Surprisingly, they ride the rhythm? Then Hmm Then it’d be hard It’s strong That’s why It’s a bit like that to “instant death” to adults Especially my part can’t be played My part is It’s “Attention, at ease” So the atmosphere could even worsen “Instant death” is a bit like that, right everyone? “Youngbin oppa’s voice is totally sweet” “I thought it was rainbow sherbet” Of course not It’s berry berry strawberry Everyone. Over 31 different types of ice cream, It’s berry berry strawberry Someone asked, “Are you close to your relatives?” I don’t think the word “close” is suitable It’s just comfortable Honestly, it’s kind of awkward Our cousins and relatives From my family’s side, There’s a same age girl and a year older noona How should I put this? Because we’re shy of strangers But when we were young, we played well These days too just, very I think we’re living well Of course there are times when I’m awkward with my cousins How were their reactions after I debuted? It was almost a celebration To be honest, I couldn’t go back home on the holidays after I debuted so I couldn’t go back so I think it just passed by naturally “My dream is to be an idol but I can’t bring myself to tell my parents about it” Hmm why is it so? To be an idol is To be honest, I also heard something like that a lot Kind of I recently watched a program calledAbout the camel in the pinhole It was something like that It was an episode about the person who came from Jeolla Province Suncheon city As much as that, it’s a tiring job, right? So it could be that Fantasy is feeling that it is hard but Well, what’s about it? So Just As you enjoy doing what you like to do, They said it’s like that I was also like what’s it? A camel goes inside a needle hole? Anyway If you keep doing what you like to do, your ability improves But on that, it has to be genuine Whether it’s dance or singing or rap If you genuinely like it, Your ability will also genuinely improve so When you’ve become a talented person to some point Won’t it turn out well? “I think it’d be fascinating if there’s a celebrity among my relatives” Would it be? Hmm I don’t have celebrities among my relatives so hmm Ah my uncle is a singer but But he’s from an old generation And I don’t know much about it so Kind of Maybe that’s why it doesn’t really come to me “If it’s a celebrity like oppa, it’s definitely a full maker (????)” hmm Yes My uncle is a singer eo For his name, I’ll ask my uncle about it later And if he says it’s okay to let you know, I’ll let you know Yes For me, my parents were proud of me so I think it’s a relief for me I was lucky My uncle is not my father’s sibling so I think that’s why I said it like that This person’s cousin brother composes song Wah the comments are coming up really fast so just a while please “Thank you so much for becoming an idol and the leader of SF9” I also thank you for being my Fantasy when I became SF9 “Because I am the youngest among my ten cousins, everyone doesn’t know my name” “Still, I’m 16 years old though” Wah your relatives spent 16 years with you and still don’t know your name? They’re too much Again, to write my name and stick it on me hurts my pride How should I say this? There’s something like that about adults “Ah that that yes yes you you” They look for you like that, right? That’s really upsetting but In order for our Fantasy to not feel lonely, I How should I say this? I’ll be your relative Your relative during holiday When you feel a bit lonely and sad because your cousins and adults don’t know your name Now, this broadcast It’s around 24 minutes right now so I hope you cheer up while listening to this broadcast “I also don’t remember adults names”? What? Everyone it’s not okay How’s it okay if you don’t know their names? “I’m listening to your voice with my airpods but your voice is so good so my eardrums are overthrown. I’m going to sue you” “Sue” hmm It kind of reminds me of the old days When you wrote those for us Walalalalala that one Eo! A song request came in They’re asking to play 10cm sunbaenim’sJust for a minute please Lean On Me Ah this Ah it’s an OST from a drama I couldn’t even watch an episode but I heard it already ended? I wanted to watch it I’ll have to watch it later with a rerun I say this but I never watch it The drama I said I’d watch it like this but didn’t wasI’ll be your elder brother oppa and hyung for you guys If we feel lonely or sad during the holiday, I hope you definitely listen to this broadcast again Or shall we do it? Curse I guess we should try cursing So You guys and I are the only ones listening to this broadcast You know what feeling it is like right? So it’s kind of.. refreshingly By leaving out swear words, everyone Write out everything you want to say here After doing that, Without your relatives knowing about this Ah kind of We really shouldn’t be cursing but What kind of curses could be there? hmm So shall we together Shall we do something like talking behind their backs? kind of ah what’s wrong with him/her? “Why are they like that?” Ah they don’t have to be your relatives Shall we do it? “I hope you hit your feet with the door” like this aww Ah these are good I hope the traffic is twice as bad than usual on the way home “I hope you’re in a traffic longer” There’s kind of like that, right? Among your relatives, If there are relatives who have young children, “I hope the children doesn’t listen well even more today” Ah this one’s good. “Hit a red ball while trying to hit a white one (???)” Or if not, This would be ok You win the lotto with the money you received during the holiday so that they get jealous Or For example, aunt or uncle uncle, aunt They make the food For example your uncle makes jeon or song-pyeon Get scolded by grandma because it doesn’t taste good Oh this one’s okay Get your big toe bitten by a mosquito “Get bitten by a mosquito” Ah everyone I don’t think it’s right to say may a hair strand come out from song-pyeon I don’t think that’s okay “Bite your lips while eating” No no it’s not okay. Not something that hurts Something like this “Get your armpits bitten by a mosquito” Ah “Become a tongue (??????)” “I hope no rest area appears when you’re urgent to use the bathroom” Oh this one’s good “Pour salt in song-pyeon thinking it’s sugar” Oh this one’s good too “May they give two 50,000 won bills thinking they just gave one” Oh what else could there be? Shall I try it? Don’t you think things like this would also be okay? It’s not related to holiday but Shopping online but something that’s nothing related to you For example you ordered a S size But they delivered an XS But you can’t refund or exchange it They just wasted money And this one is also good While you’re driving, Let their newly-washed car hit by bird’s poop Ah may a chili flake be stuck in their teeth when the relative go on a blind date euuuu This one is kind of like that This one It’s kind of the relative’s Like that How do you call that? I don’t want to drop the relationship with the relative like that Ah That’s okay That handphone charger type These days charger comes in C types, right? But that person isn’t using a phone with C type charger and is using an old phone version So They forgot the charger and can’t charge as well So this holiday, they have to spend it without their phone Everyone you must have them bottled up a lot “May only cold water come out while showering” Is it this much, everyone? This much I see you’re stressed this much But if you think about this on your own in your mind Usually, you swear and stuff too right? Then how much is it like that? Ahh “Hope your CSAT gets pushed back one by one” This is kind of like that because Still, they’re your family and you can’t let them suffer for one more year Make it short and painful hmm Stuff like that is also kind of okay Among your relative siblings If there’s a same age relative Let them go out to meet a person they like, while wearing their clothes inside-out So you lie to them by saying originally these days, wearing clothes inside-out is the trend but The clothes tag is out It’s like killing them twice This one is also okay You go back to your home For example you left your home with aircon on You’re already halfway to Busan You’re almost at Jellado now You’re at Jellado now but Now that you think about it, you left the aircon on at home So Kind of Get a high electricity bill? What’s really tiring for me? I think it’s something like that You wake up after sleeping but Let there be a sore on the tongue The sore on the tongue really hurts You drink it thinking it’s cola but it turns out to be sand lance extract (canary fish sauce) eo you bring your airpods but only brought the case That sounds good Ah this should be okay When you shower, you think it’s a shampoo but while you’re trying to wash your hair you wash it with body wash Then you go out after rinsing it You shampoo your hair again You have to do foam cleansing But this time you wash your face with shampoo Was I too much? Eo this one’s kind of like that “Get an acne on your philtrum” This really hurts tho Only those who’s had this knows This really kills Beside the nose and philtrum really hurts That place’s hell Hell Ah did I do too much? You’re telling me I’m the meanest? Ah it’s kind of It’s for you guys Everyone it’s around 35 minutes into the broadcast If you’re tired or If your relatives bully you, Then open this broadcast from 30 minute mark For about 5 minutes If you leave it opened, I cursed so I hope you listen to the curse and cheer up a bit Everyone, I think we should change the topic now As I see it, everyone’s tension is really high It’s not that I have a lot bottled inside but I’m just doing it so that I could slightly cheer you guys up You go back to your parents’ home but leave your toothbrush But You’re playing with your relatives But as you play and look at the time, Kind of It’s already turned night and it’s raining outside As we’re already here, let’s listen to? But everyone, aren’t you likinga lot? What I think of whenever you guys talk aboutis Are you guys making fun or Is it because you guys really like it? Why do you guys do that? Is it because you really like?is really good? This is kind of a good song but But there’s kind of that, right? It’s a good song It’s a good song but eooo I think we wrote the lyrics for this too but imm So you guys likeAh my part is your favorite? For me, my part is always the most like that but Why is this “I won’t eat you up” like this? I can’t kind of listen to it “I won’t eat you up” “I won’t eat you up” When we recorded this, I clenched my teeth and record Usually when we speak, we open our teeth right? I was clenching my teeth like this “Attention, at ease” Everyone try to pronounce with your teeth clenched Then your pronunciation will be exactly the same as mine “Attention, at ease” Ah for real I’m not kidding It was really like that You could hear the voice of my teeth clenching? Yah your ears are really good I did this “I won’t eat you up” Let’s listen to it again? Do you want to listen to my part again? Everyone try to imitate me by clenching your teeth I really did this with my teeth clenched By hitting my molar teeth Where is it? Where’s my part? eo Where’s my part? It’s here “Attention, at ease” You’re saying your teeth hurts? So for this Fantasy who’s imitating me after watching Bin,us said she hates it Ahh *reading out the voices Fantasy made after clenching their teeth to imitate him* That’s right Ah it’s fun today too Something’s Seeing that our Fantasies have high tension like this and like fun things In my thoughts, I think it’s 섹귀’s fault Our 섹귀 raised Fantasies’ gag code too high Gag/comedy level As I see it, Right now, there are around 16,000 Fantasies here Around 10,000 of you would pass That If you take the comedian interview Around 10,000 would pass Because of our 섹귀 섹귀’s really funny, right? As I see it, I think Sanghyuk is really really funny He’s really funny Sanghyukie Earlier at fancafe, I saw the post Sanghyuk posted “When you eat, you eat a clock” ah it’s 섹귀? (not clock) Ah I think he’s weird I saw it everyone. That. Kind of. Do you know that? For me, I can’t laugh at it I can’t laugh at this kind of jokes If Jang Sangkyu did it, I’d have held my belly to laugh but I can’t laugh at it because Sanghyuk’s the one doing it Something’s like Something’s like It’s uncomfortable It feels like I’d be in big trouble if I laughed That’s right He’s fun You laugh and laugh and it’s fun but Something’s like And these days, Sanghyuk and Seokwoo are posting the titles in fancafe as “kuu ku” like “euk” “ku” “Whatt should I do? They’re posting it like that So If you really keep on hearing it, They play really well among themselves So I also tried to play with them but I was already late I always go in late so This broadcast probably has nobody else apart from you guys, right? I hope our Fantasies are the only ones who listen to this broadcast I just kind of hope it’s like that So that today’s broadcast can only be heard by our fans Because I want to say this and that just carelessly but Ah Sanghyuk doesn’t listen to this Sanghyuk doesn’t listen to Bin,us He doesn’t even watch it with a video Do you think he’d listen to a voice-only? “What if he suddenly listens to this today?” That’s right Sanghyuk and I our codes don’t match It’s kind of like that To Sanghyuk, Bin,us is documentary Sanghyuk won’t watch this He won’t listen to this I watch a lot of Sanghyuk’s because they’re fun It’s like a gag/comedy program Ah “Try calling Sanghyuk”? Won’t he be sleeping? It’s 11:50pm Shall I try calling him? For now, I’m calling him right now Is he exercising? Hmm he’s not picking up “Sanghyuk plays games until 2am”? Is he playing games right now too? Is he not picking up because he’s playing games? Yes, he’s not picking up Calling other members while doing a broadcast makes me feel kind of apologetic I think he’s playing games 섹귀 are you playing battleground? “Who watches Bin,us the most?” Eo Inseongie? I think Inseong often listens a bit and often watches Inseong kind of takes care of the members well He watches well and How should I say this? That He monitors for us? For Zuho, He has no interest in things like this Zuho probably doesn’t watch BingBang too That friend probably doesn’t even watch TV Guys like Chani, Hwiyoung They are guys who don’t even have interest in TV programs so They probably won’t watch any if it’s not their program Zuho’s doing that that Piano Composing That’s right. Zuho has no interest in anything apart from Huru Zuho does music and meets people Zuho likes meeting people and talking about this and that Rowoonie is busy Rowoonie is kind of Kind of He’s the busy guy He’s a busy guy so So I usually get contact from him “Hyung I watched it well” like that I don’t know what he watched but because he said he watched it well, he probably watched it well Jaeyoonie too Ah and Jaeyoonie and Inseongie are like that “Ah Shoot Out details kind of seem to be missing” like that As a joke They’re beating around the bush about how they’ve already watched it It’s fun For Taeyangie Taeyang is busy on his own Kind of just like me He edits the video and makes dances on his own He suddenly goes to the Han River Was that Han River? The freestyle dance video that he uploaded on Instagram A video like that He dances alone, films alone and edits alone And he’s busy alone on his own I don’t think he necessarily needs to edit the videos but He’s a guy who really wants a 100% satisfaction on himself? For Hwiyoungie, He’s a radio DJ Radio DJ And who else is there? There isn’t any left In my case, it’s kind of I think I’m that How do you call that? The person who rows the boat Boatman Even if I bring a keyword like holiday this time, I always drift off to other directions The boat always goes to the mountain So I think I’ve messed up Still, I cursed a bit well today so together with everyone Still, I think I did well ontoday I have to end it well but Again, the ending has gone into something weird Chani? Ah Chani is Kind of Kind of that feeling Like a zombie? He’s always sleeping If you look at Chani, It’s really cute when you see him pass out Kind of “Eh?” “Euh you’re here?” “Eh?” he goes like that Kind of He’s dying Because Chani’s tired these days With Rowoon They’re a bit tired of the filming Honestly, for Chani, even if it isn’t filming He’s a slow guy “ehh?” Do you know this? “Chani-yah I’m here” “Eh?” “You’re here?” “Ehehuh” “You did well” Ah I can’t impersonate the voice but That I think I can get the points right Kind of Jaeyoonie is Ah Inseongie is “Eh?” “Eh? eo eo eo” “No it’s not?” He also laughs like an idiot sometimes like this “HUH” Inseongie is I think he spaces out a lot these days For Jaeyoonie, He repeats the same words Kind of a bit He has a bit of this flavor So kind of “i did like that but” “I did like that but” “I did that” Kind of a feeling like this? Dawon is a competitor I can’t even imitate Kind of Really I really respect this about him He really speaks well He speaks well too and So he does like this “Mrrrrgh” Kind of a bit Kind of So Kind of How should I say this? How should I say stuff like this? He makes weird noises well Dawonie imitates Rowoon well Kind of there’s this “Ah hyung hyung hyung hyung hyung” “Hyung” If he just says “hyung” once, I’d hear it but He continues calling “hyung” “Hyung hyung hyung hyung hyung” “Ah that have you done it? Have you done it?” “Ah as expected” He kind of does like that For Zuho, Zuho is Rather than the way he speaks He bites his fingers a lot so I think Zuho has this cute side when he speaks I think he kind of has “ehhh” like this Kind of Kind of Something’s like Is he trying to be cute and do aegyo? Kind of I think there’s something like that He’s kind of a born with cuteness/aegyo feeling? And Taeyangie is really quiet “Ah really?” “Imm?” “It’s not though” His answers are like a knife Taeyangie is “Taeyang-ah do you wanna eat?” “Hmm it’d be nice” And Well “Taeyang-ah this time I have to do EXO sunbaenim’s that one” “Do you wanna do it together?” When I said that “eoo?” “That one? You’re doing that one?” Kind of “Ah really? I’d like it” “When do we have to do that?” Kind of a feeling like that Taeyang is kind of a firm style For Hwiyoungie Hmm I don’t know anymore He talks differently according to the members When Hwiyoung talks with Dawon, He speaks faster and talks more too When he’s with Chani, they seem to bicker a lot I think the youngest are firm Except Chani Chani is really I’ve known Chani for about 4-5 years now but He’s always “Huh?” “Eo?” “Huh?” Chani kind of has this feeling That’s right “Hyung really why are you like this?” Hwiyoungie does this “No I’m saying I hate it” He does it like this to Dawon “Ah Why do you keep doing it even though I’m saying I hate it? I’m telling you I really hate it” He does like that Ah it’s a ____ prohibited broadcast? Why? Can’t members hear this? “Hyung really why are you like this? That’s right Hwiyoungie does that “Please do Chani’s “eewae” one more time?” “Ehh?” “Who gets sulky the most?” The member who gets sulky? The member who gets sulky Zuho? It’s not that he gets sulky in a twisted bad way Just Zuho gets sulky in a cute way Anyway, everyone, today Aigoo we started off with holiday but We went toThen even imitated the way members speak Something’s like To be honest, it’s not really exactly the same but Just. I think it’s like that That’s right. 56 minutes have already passed by Already It’s the time when I’ll have to slowly greet goodbye Today it was like a radio Something like with you guys I was going to talk about holiday with you guys but Holiday ended with curses I’ve already talked about this in the beginning but Make sure to safely go back and return on both ways from holiday Yes I hope you get a lot of pocket money As much as your relatives saying things to you, I hope they give you as much pocket money as that Anyway, I didn’t talk a lot today But I talked a lot as I was doing the broadcast I talked a lot while doing the broadcast I During Chuseok Oh this sounds okay. 10,000 won for each nag It’s nice I will go back to Anyang for holiday I will walk Jamong a bit too and Yes And if I have time, I’ll make a song recommendation and post it on fancafe so that you can listen to on both ways For aegyo, Zuho has the most Anyway, everyone I had so much fun today For Mondays, I’ll always make it so that I can make time to have a conversation with you guys Thank you so much for listening to Bin,us today I think I’ll see you at next week’s Bin,us I have this that to do for this week so I think Dance Cover Party will be hard I think I’ll come find you during next week Bin,us on Monday So everyone let’s meet again on next week’s Bin,us You know, right? Bye. I’ll leave now Bye~ I’ll go now Ppyong~ I love you

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